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People killed and used for food – Sam

People killed and used for food

8/8/19 3:39 AM


I had a dream last night that i feel to share. As i keep been reminded of the dream from the Lord.

Dream: In my dream it was as if i was in a sort of roller coaster, like i was on a ride and seen everything that was happening and trying to get home.

I saw people lying on the ground dead in the streets, they were also just slaughtered brutishly, i also had the knowledge in the dream of them been killed and used for food and they were thrown out to the streets, i was so terrified and wanted to get home, on the way I then saw military vans and government people(military) preparing for battle and shooting, i am not sure who they were going to fight against, as i was going past them going over the bridge, i looked down and saw huge holes and cracks in the ground like it was from an earthquake. There was so much chaos in the roads and evil around me yet i was still protected somehow.

I have been under so much spiritual warfare and in this dream i felt there was so much destruction and evil that i was rebuking the evil in my dream and asking the Lord Jesus Christ to protect me.

Somewhere in the dream -which does not make sense to me i saw a man asking me to use a mirror, i also saw hair on the floor.

The scene then changed and i saw the roller coaster track and the ride was now coming to an end, i prayed not to go on the ride again.
As i got to the stop to get off i was almost flying forward out of it and i saw a huge tree and a swing with a lake underneath me, i then was put in the swing and was put safely on the ground.
At this point i felt the Holy Trinity behind me and as i stood on the ground i was happy and and been so thankful that i was safe from all the ciaos and home i put my hands to the air said with so much Joy and Peach – Thank you Father God, Thank you Jesus Christ, Thank you Holy Spirit .

I then woke up and was thinking about the chaos and the people lying in the road dead and at that moment the Lord put in my mind an empty pot plant and i was thinking of the Famine that is coming to the earth.


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  1. Jesse Terrell

    This is of course very unpleasant, but many others have had dreams and visions of cannibalism. When there’s no food, and people are starving—they will eat whatever they get their hands on. It happened in the Old Testament, and sadly some people even ate their own children. It will take the great grace and mercy of GOD, and faith in Him to survive what’s coming. We need to be willing to die for the LORD if necessary. Unfortunately, millions will take the mark just to get food. And then spend eternity in hell to pay for it. Much better to die for Jesus, and with Jesus—and live forever in heaven. Amen.

  2. Marc Naples

    There seems to be a confused conflict, over Christian people preparing for the coming collapse, storage of food.
    Most don’t care, or want to spend money on food store’s!
    Then most other Christian people think it’s unfaithful to even think prepare food store’s.
    Sadly such basic actions are not done, actions like Noah’s or Joseph’s in preparing as God warnings said too, are ignored.
    We Christian’s should be spiritual/physical preparing, buy dry rice, beans, can goods, etc.
    And praying all thru out the day.
    Amen Lord Jesus Christ.

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