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Pedophilia & Bestiality accepted as normal

Aug 9, 2019, 10:25 PM
Alexander Black
My dream & vision warns me is that female more rise had sex with boys underage also male too sex with girl underage also it warns me they allowed committed fornication each other in any race and any female & male even animals by social permit and against those who that they put person on list to be idea not safe also not permit by social to be commit fornication to be watcher on and be punishment reason not safe or not permit by social but who side with those social is permit doing sex underage of 18 also animals however my dream not only said police allowed them doing that also animals act..also however it also rumor could be or not is fake news told that future or sooner allows new law that illegal become legal of this behavior is children to be OK sex as adult. those my rise question this why revelation act show verse is but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth. These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth.so inquire we are edge of this act. this not only year dream & vision warn me in different date and time but in past and 2019 of years more people accept this act and play roll against other to be label sex offender reason is on list to not touch them because it for other of social permit to touch them..also rise surprise child itself front to me few time itself said to me in obscene behavior show they done sex with anyone of signal to me of act . same is more player is are high permit sex with virgins person been witness of self of told and front to me too long ago and still today but seem rise more than past those player is permit control break virgins. i did told to police about in long ago so police said to me “SO WHAT I AM EX-PLAYER!”  even too police mocking to me that sex with underage itself police said and refuse give name and disappear since of that i am reject people story about sex abuser in high percent reason it abuser each other in power & control of by social order and other specific reason so
but real sex abuser is hide real natural percent of judgement itself  i always said cannot trust those it are real of my prove self witness those permit by social…..i am no against social but to voice….it match of dream & vision….. welcome slow into end time of complete order ……remember we short life on earth but slow into end time ……this not good news…….make your decide to teach your children………………….………………….you know illegal into legal is already here is marijuana & abortion up to 9 moths olds & fake news & more soon that illgal to be legal…….. what next? think hard be wake up & those too LGBT involves  too to force children accept be evolution sex race now news said is https://www.advocate.com/news/daily-news/2011/07/21/researchers-discover-sex-change-gene wow i am have no power to change or fight for i felt doing just voice it to all in 444 news.
from Alex Black this for my God & lamb……………………..
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  1. Welle

    Chapter 17

    read this chapter its about the women who is a whore jezebel spirit fall on america who does evil things against FATHERS PEOPLE .

  2. Welle

    women who seats upon the beast is america who brought evil and all forbidden knowledge by signing with fallen angels and demons force and all absurd things and know they (evil witches ) blaming all people (which who lives in lower standards) that they (lower standards people) brought all whoredomes on this america (making falls accuse against lower standards people that (evil witches) think can clean them hands from what they did (evil witches) and doing still . you know : easy to blame other but looking what though yourself doing its hard because by your own ignorance you refusing to see the truth or because of your fear your wont see blinded by enemy and your selfish desirous of heart.

  3. Alexander Black

    Hello again Welle well i not blind and not fear but i am fell on ground i been watch them mocking to me since 12 age well ..anyway God did appear to me and Jesus did appear to me and king David too he still look good first all David brown hair he still wear crown and he dress white and red he still sit same kind throne wood and wall behind him is wood panel he good man also i was watch Jesus bury also he black hair plus he bury only use underwear and he look good and john he look good black hair his nose different and his teeth is different oh more other list name in bible done meet them but they are still look same and look good nothing look wrong that they is who is in heaven also Jesus’s son appear to me hide his face he said i am son of Jesus and disappear i saw more and more and more and more i am cannot remember all because too much overly into my eyes and mind cause me confused till the jealous attack me cause me fell away from God however God told me dont forsaken me sound of thunder and more saw God also one look like angel hide his face and he appear to me he not allow me see his face . other angel hurt me and other ghost hurt me and damaged my heart many time those bad ghost strike against me .. it very long story very very very long story most time refuse tell me of interpreter what i see vision & dream it want me hard work i do get hurt from any attack.. most people think easy to be prophet or to be righteous but my word to you it very narrow to be pass test but not just test seem worse than test me of process it i saw angel fight each other i can see .
    yes flesh and not flesh is hard to relationship reason sin because flesh is sin is death i saw Jesus on cross he said to me while he look up while i look down he said to me thank you sinful man.. i am not prefect but still fight to be want with God even i told to Jesus i am not ask him to save me i chosen God save me it more hard to explain but lots awesome vision & dream that i could not explain even i fail to write a one word because i saw which cannot explain but yes got into problem with spirit/ghost/angel/more other species that appear to me even jinn oh you know demon nice to me but mostly point fight each other or angry at me that not demon of view i think human ghost or angel or other species ,goat did ram to me i was almost fall down it nothing out there i turn around saw ghost goat!!! it animal! i saw bird fly it ghost not same our bird but they is around us
    but watch out some not friendly at all. i am lone and alone no help to solves all what around me and you know snake strike bit my heel it hurt but not flesh snake bit but it hurt pain wow and other bit my other heel they hate me. because
    it truth no body believe no body care they call me mental issue that lawyer said bible is mental issue too i was upset..no body want them even thy mocking them for long time but me try fit in with them to be relationship but very hard and hurt our feel reason we cannot relationship reason flesh is sin. they try tell me and i am try tell them cause hard to be together of relationship….but i am still fight to try find way and want God come back help me to learn to beat hard time it not same people think.yes i know punishment even judgment that why hard to fit in reason sin.i wish give you clearly understand but no!! it hard as hell!!!


    I’m having a hard time understanding. Could he do it in his language and some one interpret it on this site?

  5. Catherine

    Since when has Jesus a son?

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