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PDF: Words to His Beloved Bride,” Volumes 1, 2 & 3 – Jeffrey Stewart

Jeffrey Stewart is giving away PDF versions of the three books that the Lord had him write, “Words to His Beloved Bride,” volumes 1, 2 & 3. You can download them at the following links. I believe that they will bless your walk with the Lord. Also, feel free to print them, email them, or anything you like with them.


Volume 1


Volume 2


Volume 3

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  1. Cindy Robicheaux

    Thank you so very much !!

  2. WOW! This is HUGE and AWESOME! Thanks!

  3. Raq FC

    I’m eager to read them!

  4. Andrea

    Thank you for sharing this amazing message from our Father. It was just what my soul needed in this hour. WOW! Our God is Awesome! What a great love he has for us!

  5. Some takeaways I got from the 1st Volume is that “We can loose the Life of Heaven into the earth realm, healing the sick.”
    Also on page 61, “My Throne resides in the heart of every believer” which means we take Jesus everywhere we go with Him sitting on the Throne! How cool is that! This was a superb read thus far.
    One major thing that God explains to us in this 1st Volume is that when we speak His Word (The Bible) we are going from Glory to Glory, which is just amazing.
    Thank you for the upload!

  6. Karen Gutterman

    That was amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone should read!!!!!!!!

  7. “So when you SPEAK God’s Word, He imparts more and more of His
    Love, His Joy, His Peace, His Life, His Light, His Life, His Wisdom, His Truth –
    ALL He is – into your heart AS YOU SPEAK HIS WORD. What is invisible in
    your heart becomes visible in your life. So the process of SPEAKING God’s Word

    This is so good! Thank you again for the upload, I’m going to share with friends!!

  8. Marcus Judkins

    MY GOD!

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