PDF of All Holy Spirit Wind Prophetic Words given to Jeff Byerly

PDF of All Holy Spirit Wind Prophetic Words given to Jeff Byerly


A very special thanks goes out to brother Lou for compiling this PDF for us!

We all know that someday the internet will be shut down or we will lose access to it. This file is available offline.

Holy Spirit Wind – Jeff Byerly – PDF

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  1. Antonio

    Re: Holy Spirit Wind:Jeff Byerly

    Our Question To The Lord: Jeff Byerly–gave the message that Trump had taken the mark already and not to pray for him? First response from the Holy Spirit was “This is a lie.”

    Later on 5/22/2019- Lord did he just not test the spirits on this occasion?
    “He is not a Son of the Holy One. The spirits are testing him and he is falling short.”

    The Lord has indicated that it is extremely important to pray for Trump and his protection, and to pray that The Lord will do the same as He did in the last election.

    The Lord indicated that he not hearing from Him. Period.

    We must all join hands and pray for our President. This is even mandated in God’s Word.
    Hypothetically, even if we did have an evil leader, and we are to be obedient in praying for him, God would ‘heap hot coals’ on him – according to His Word.

    Pray, Fast, Read God’s Word and seek Him with your whole being. He is preparing His people who are not lukewarm.

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