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PAY ATTENTION! – Karen Jordan

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October 12, 2023 9:33 PM
Karen Jordan

This one was given on October 8, 2023.

I saw myself trying to teach someone how to make my coffee which I am very particular about how it is done.

I make a blend of Brazilian espresso and Folger’s black silk to mellow it out. I also use high PH water so it will be pure. So I am going through the process of teaching this person how to make my special blend for coffee. I suddenly realize that this person has put the water in the coffee pot and I don’t know how much water they used. So. I asked them “How much water did you put in?” The person replied, “I don’t know.” I said to them, “You are not PAYING ATTENTION; This is the purpose of what has happened.’

So I am wondering; what am I not paying attention about? I was asking God to show me what I was not paying attention about. I woke up Sunday morning to the horrible news about the slaughter in Israel. I watch Fox News because I can always get actual news. Mark Levine came on and said, ”PAY ATTENTION! Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran will do what they say. Believe them.” On Monday Harris Falkner said, “We all better

“PAY ATTENTION”, referring to what is going on in Israel.

Now I am understanding that we probably have theses demonic hordes of people in many countries including the U.S. because of our open borders. I am also concerned about this declaration that they have put out about calling for a worldwide day of Jihad on Friday October 13th. My gift from God is to give his warnings when he gives me the truth in vision/dreams. Now I am also understanding some visions I have had recently that were puzzling to me. Such as seeing bullets flying in a parking lot; making sure my doors are locked; waiting for my older daughter to come home from her second job she works at night and being thankful she got home safe; And quickly locking us both in the house and turning on the alarm system. We all need to be extra careful and

Pay Attention to our surroundings. We need to use our discernment about going out and being with large groups of people. We need to pay attention to our “Gut feeling” and ask God if we should be there.

I have comfort knowing that I am in God’s secret place; and I feel very safe. He will keep me safe. Each person needs to ask God for his individual protection. We need to stay close to God by confessing our sins daily and asking for his mercy to be upon us. Psalm 91 is my “go to” chapter in the Bible. Realize that violence can happen at any time in our country because America has left God.

Please “PAY ATTENTION.” We are under judgement. We as Christians cannot stop God’s judgement; but we can ask for mercy according to James 2:13.

For he shall have judgement without mercy, that hath shewed no mercy; and mercy rejoiceth against judgement. Herein lies our hope. Following God’s laws and giving mercy to others will insure that we ourselves will receive mercy. Stand in the gap for your loved ones and pray for mercy for them; that they will come to see the importance of choosing to follow God.

Karen Jordan

Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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