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Patient Endurance


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hi guys I received a word this morning
it’s July 15 2019 I’m gonna go ahead and
put this up please perfectly discern
this word and all the words you hear and
I will go ahead and start this it says
my daughter write these things for those
with ears to hear there is a difference
between one who intends to deceive a
wolf in sheep’s clothing
and one who simply runs ahead we got
soft wrap things will not occur in the
ways that many believe they understand
you see many wish for an escape yet they
fail to recognize what would occur with
the vast majority of my creation that
walk here earth today I have my perfect
plan and it unfolds in my perfect timing
though many speculate through the study
of my Sun my moon and my stars they miss
the bigger picture and run ahead they
focus in on a sliver of my perfect plan
but they are failing to see the
expansive picture some I have purposely
led here to discover these things yet
they’ve run ahead of me acting upon
their emotions and not taking into
account the things that need to
transpire in the lives of a mass
percentage of my children they look upon
time passing upon your earth as a burden
and in their fervor to be rescued they
promote and share their findings based
upon human understanding and profoundly
limited your Sun your moon and your stars do
paint a picture of my timing yes but
again it is not the only factor to be
considered and those things do point to
certain days and dates of consequence
yet this fervor for rescue is based upon
emotion and it has led many to pursue
only these markers and the Sun and the
moon and the stars I see the hearts of
many longing to be in my presence as the
earth and its fallen States is not your
home I understand why some have run
ahead and shared an excitement their
findings and calculations but you my
children must understand that human
emotions are fickle and human ability to
look upon my big picture is almost
non-existent it is true that I allow
tiny shreds of understanding and
knowledge to be shown to those who seek
it but again the human mind cannot conceive
my plan and it is my determination to show not
only those that have run ahead but all
of my children that they must rest in me
and wait upon me and say anyone can see
that darkness engulfs the earth but open
your eyes to my light that is also
manifesting within your time here are
you able to construct a building with
just a sliver of wood a sliver is all
that these have yet they believe they
can build a building these need to learn
rest they need to learn confidence and
my perfect plan many still need
awakening many still need my mercy the
suffering I allow over time increases my
bounty those that run ahead in their
speculations will realize that rest in
me now my love’s rest in my perfect plan
focus upon me and not your circumstances
remove yourself from the equation and
see that my plan is epic and mysterious
yes share what I lead you to share but
you must not run ahead I love you my
children Yeshua HaMashiach


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