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Jesus Rules

October 01, 2018


“It is time to truly examine yourself…not in your own eyes, but Mine. You see, nothing is hidden from My Eyes. Every single word/action in your life is recorded. Do you understand that the unrighteous watch your very actions, as you claim to be a Christian, but you strike up arguments, bickering over who is more correct in their doctrines…cursing,, when not in Church, attending parties where sin abounds…this is why the unsaved laugh at you and mock My Finished Work on The Cross. Many, many Pastors, who are supposed to preach Holiness and conviction do not do so in fear of losing members of their Church…fearing man, instead of Me. They will not Preach on “end times” and how close we are to The Rapture…to rid yourself of sin by Sanctification through My Holy Spirit. They only offer Baptism once a month or have you go through a strict regimen to qualify. Did John The Baptist say, “Come back another time, when you are ready?” Altar calls in Churches are very rare, with no sense of urgency. This is why so many sit in the pews are wallowing in their sins, as they slowly walk to hell, because the Pastors are leading them in life with blinders on. This infuriates Me and saddens Me, as well. If I come today for My Church …how many would truly be ready? The number of Church Members, who will be left behind is truly staggering. Many of you will shake your fist at Me that Day, as you justify your actions and look to your Pastor in bewilderment… asking him why he did not do or say more to prepare the flock? As I have said in the past, these Warnings will come to an end soon…Will you be the one that stands up and tells your Pastor or leader of the Church to awaken from their slumber and gather My Sheep and bring them together, as One, in these final minutes to true Repentance…giving their life to Me, just as the thief did to Me, next to Me on The Cross? I shall have Mercy on you. Do not leave one rock unturned My Servants…RUN! …RUN!…RUN! For the time is truly of the essence. Will you be ready on that Day? Yeshu’a

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