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Paint it Black

August 23, 2023 11:27 AM

The souls that follow Satan and sin are painted in darkness. Their souls become blackened and marred with the sins, they surround themselves with. Each and every sin darkens the soul even more and it becomes harder to escape its grip.
A soul that has been painted black can recover if that child makes a concerted effort to change. Many do not want to make this effort since they have been in sin so long, they don’t even see what is wrong. Sin, when left alone for decades, becomes who you are, instead of who you were meant to be. These are the sins that bind your flesh in chains and compromise the final destination one winds up in at the end of their lives.
I died to give you the ability to repent and change at any point in your life. It is not too late too free yourself from the chains that bind your soul into darkness. It is not too late to say you are sorry for your past regressions. I Am here to guide all who wish to change from darkness to light.

Garbage In, Garbage Out
What we put in our bodies is what we become. Part of our make-up is the food we introduce daily into us. Do we put in organic or GMO’s? By the same token, what do we allow into our souls? Are we careful to watch for contaminants of lies, fornication, swearing, stealing and anything that pollutes the soul? Do we accept and introduce garbage that makes us unfit to enter into Heaven?
Every contaminant that poisons our souls, need to be extracted if we wish to enter Heaven. Sins of all kinds become the garbage that destroys the balance of our soul. If we can introduce garbage into our souls, we can certainly extract garbage, out of our souls.
This is done by repentance, stopping of all sins, getting close to our creator and prayer. All garbage belongs outside our bodies. Do not introduce old garbage back into your bodies.
It is time to clean up all messes we have made of our lives. Repentance is part of this process. Stay clean and know that your soul can ascend, for all chains will be broken, by using this process.

Rub a Dub, Dub, Three Men in a Tub
One cannot clean themselves of the filth of this world by bathing in a tub. Sin sticks to you like glue and to rub it off takes far more, than soap and water. Scrubbing is done, in a unique way, by getting on one’s knees and repenting of those sins you are guilty of. Those sins will stay adhered to the body until you repent.
The second procedure to remove these stains on your soul is to make sure you do not go back to them. Yes, the enemy will make sure that you will have ample ability and chances to re-adhere to the same sin. If you smoke you will find a pack of cigarettes, that just showed up, out of nowhere. This temptation now becomes a battle of good and evil, to pollute you once again. The enemy, though unseen, is there at every turn to tempt and coerce you into returning to the sin you have just left. Demons have a responsibility to keep you in sin. They feed off your bad habits and sins and try to coerce you into keeping each and every one of them.
Demons live in the bodies of those who practice various sins. If you are a liar, you will get demons who feed on lies. It is hard battling an invisible adversary. But to have knowledge and a means to fight them, is a major leap forward.
Do not let the enemy control who you are and what you do. Stay away from all sins and get close to I Am. For I can and will help if asked by you. Stay on the straight and narrow road to salvation and my Heavenly Kingdom.

Our Souls Are Light, Are Sins Are Heavy
Those of my children who have prepared themselves for Heaven will have no problem ascending. Their souls are light and ethereal. Nothing holds them down to the Earth for they are not interested in the things of this Earth.
My other children, who have not prepared themselves, will be weighed down with chains, made of sins. They love the things this Earth has to offer and partake in the pleasures and sins they know too well.
All sin acts as a set of chains, that keep you affixed to Earth. To get rid of the chains, that bind you, one must repent of all wrong doings. Pray, get close to God and stop all sins. As each sin lifts off of you, you become lighter, more buoyant, less stressed and less worrisome.
Imagine yourself guilty of a crime. You never quite know when you will be caught and incarcerated. Even though you are free, you are not. You always think about when the authorities will catch up with you. Sin is similar. You know it is not right, but you do it anyway. You believe there are no “police” for some of your sins and therefore no consequences. Your consequence of sin becomes more apparent towards the end of your life (longer you live). You never really feel you have escaped prosecution. Sin keeps you bound to a different father.
Some never want to change who they have become, for sin is easy and righteousness is not. Remember you can only have one Father. Sin chains you to Satan’s Kingdom and lack of sin, you adhere to your Father in Heaven.
Make a choice, before it’s too late, to rid yourself of any unrighteousness.


Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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