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Pagan Christianity – God’s Handmaiden

Pagan Christianity

God’s Handmaiden

Auyo Transcript

hello my dear brothers and sisters a
very serious word and a message that I
received today October the 30th 2019
today it’s Wednesday the day before
Halloween the Holy Spirit has been
speaking about Halloween for a few days
now but of course my family I no longer
have any small children in my home but
we do not celebrate as it would be
Halloween I do have loved ones that I’m
sure will be dressing up and even
friends that will be in scary stuff
tomorrow night but I’m telling you right
now it is not of God and I’m going to
bring you the scripture it’s first John
chapter 2 verse 15 love not the world
neither the things that are in the world
If any man love the world the love of
the father is not in him the message
that I had received or pagan
Christianity was given to me on Friday
October the 25th and the Lord has still
been speaking about paganism amongst the
Christian and this is a time that the
Lord has called you be ye separate and
be holy before the the Lord for he is
holy and it is your acceptable and
rightful duty before him to be holy
because he’s holy he would not call you
to do something that he has not equipped
you to do it is you that is feeding that
inner Beast when you decide to go the
ways of the world but there is a heavy
price to pay as you continue in this
world and the things thereof so
Wednesday October the 30th 2019 this is
the hour in which my children will
manifest be made known unto the nations
you will no longer hide or blend in
among the peoples it is ordained and
appointed that you rise at this time
give the warning my children to family
members about celebrating all that is
evil Halloween is not to be hallowed it
is written hallow be my name for I am
the only King and then it just so
happened that the pagan mystic
Christianity was I thought I had went to
the right page but it was ordained by
God that I had skipped a few pages and
then saw it
so pagan Christianity having a form of
godliness but denying the power thereof
building the spirit of the Antichrist
serving the Beast within living
double-minded going to church but not
following Jesus my children many that
say they know me only have a form of
man’s doctrines lies being told from
pulpits I am NOT disguised in Scripture
every child of the King must read and
study my written words to discern and
know what’s evil you have been taught
through the modern day churches to enjoy
a little but little bit of the earth the
ways of man are ok my children pagan
Christianity is seen as normal and
accepted forgiveness I will grant but
you all must soon repent
Satan is hell-bent on taking many with
him he sees it as a grand prize to have
mine enter into these pagan holidays
Halloween is not ever to be observed not
only in your private homes but also the
church trunk-or-treat you call it
innocent a place the community children
will be kept safe this is not how I see
if it were a fall festival of games and
fun there would be no need of a costume
or covering of your face with makeup or
face paint you choose to open what is
holy on this most of
unholy days allowing the enemy to enter
in to what is sacred worst of all you do
it on the day deemed and known to all as
Halloween my children there is no
in-between you are either for me or
against the Holy Trinity my spirit shall
manifest for all to see and believe
who’s who in my kingdom many say they
know me but on the day of my wrath
they will stay behind to find they play
games with the enemy Christianity is the
fine line many that say they are mine
stand behind the enemy line examine to
find yourselves abiding fully and
aligned with this Savior and king of
this world I came to save you from your
sin repent and enter into my holy
kingdom repent I say for the day of the
Lord is upon thee judgments are already
taking place stand before me each day in
my Grace and holy are stand before me
naked and afraid for it is a fearful and
most dreadful thing to fall into my
hands of wrath and indignation do to
your many abominations that is the word
that was spoken by the Holy Spirit today
October the 30th 2019 repent for the day
of the Lord is at hand we know that this
is the season and there is no in-between
everything’s black and white you either
follow the commands of the Lord Jesus
Christ laid out to you in the scripture
in His Holy Word or you reject you deny
the power that you are able
to be an overcomer of this world don’t
give up and don’t give in and be mindful
that every time you do something that
follows the ways of the world you open
the door for Satan and his demons the
entities to come in to your life you are
asking that the Satan can go before the
Lord and ask permission to continue to
put you through some things because see
the Lord here’s an objection it is to
save you from your your sin save you
from that eternal damnation and it comes
because you reject and you refuse what
he is all about God is holy God is holy
we are to be holy do we mess up as
people absolutely but we have an
advocate with Jesus Christ that anyone
that should call upon his name should be
saved and not perish but don’t be
foolish if you are not going to confess
Jesus Christ in your actions before
others if you are not going to align
yourself with Jesus Christ and his
teachings if you are not going to align
yourself with things that are not of
this world but things that are up
heavenly then you are siding with the
enemy and there’s no two ways about it
you do not serve two masters you will
end up loving the one and hating the
other you cannot Jesus and Satan cannot
abide in the same temple where is the
temple it is you you are the Temple of
the Living God you are the Temple of the
Living God it’s not in a church building
of four walls made with man’s hands you
are the temple of God be mindful little
eyes what you see hands what you touch
feet where you go and mouth what you say
and speak
and yes in some things even what we eat
be mindful this is a very serious word
if you are hearing this word before
Halloween and you go ahead and
participate in these Halloween
activities beware that Satan is out to
destroy to kill to devour anyone that he
can in this hour and when you are of
Jesus you got one foot with him and one
foot in the world the devil is just
going to keep on wreaking havoc in your
life because you have not given
everything to Jesus Christ and that’s
what it takes it takes and it takes an
all-out surrender of yourself and the
things that people and man desire that
is just it you have to surrender
everything surrendering it all to Jesus
because it’s no longer your life that
you live but his life that he may live
through you faith as a grain of mustard
sir mustard seed will get you through
the Lord is speaking more of just
Halloween he is speaking of any holidays
that are man-made that promote oneself
we are to love one another as our self
brothers and sisters the Christmas
season is upon you I’m not saying that
you can’t give people something but I am
saying this if you go out and spend
abundantly and yet you do not give to
the poor you go out and you spend upon
month after month doing activities and
things for yourself it’s all about self
you’re pleasing self self self where is
in the picture where is the law for
another in the picture self and remember
that I in the is in the middle of the
word sin yes I n I is in the middle of
the word sin so every thing that the
world would have you lust after is sin
it is enmity it is against God the
Father God is gonna strip he is going to
shake he is going to take everything
away from those who are having a
difficult time in letting go of things
of this world the judgments he said have
already begun but I’m gonna tell you the
judgment starts with God’s people I pray
that this day you examine yourself as I
have been examining myself for months
nobody is perfect only Jesus Christ but
in the faith that we have in him to be
overcomers he has equipped us he has
given us everything that we need to be
we will be victorious we will be
glorious in the kingdom of God but there
is a lot to still be done and the time
is running out each day that passes each
hour each minute those that’s time we
cannot get back now I don’t know if I
said this but if you are hearing the
sound of my voice and you hear the
messages that have been going out and
you continue to follow the ways of the
world you continue in these Halloween
practices the judgment of the Lord is
upon you and I pray that you do not
perish in these activities and I know
that I just heard somebody say but we’re
not we’re not gonna perish tomorrow
night by going Halloween you don’t know
that I don’t know that no man or woman
nobody’s promised the next second the
next moment God gives you the breath
that you breathe he is
the life giver he is also the life taker
I prayed that all of you repent I’ve had
I went on Halloween before I’ve done it
before but I haven’t done it in many
years I did not have the knowledge that
I have now but once the Lord brings you
into an understanding and you go back
against what he has told you in your
spirit then you are being disobedient to
the Lord I just prayed that each one of
you take this as a serious warning and a
message from the Holy Spirit god bless
you this day

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