Outpouring of Holy Spirit & Attack from the Enemy – Cassandra B


Outpouring of Holy Spirit & Attack from the Enemy

June 10, 2021 4:23 PM
Cassandra B

June 7, 2020

I had two dreams on the night of the 6th of June, first Dream was such a wonderful feeling dream, in the dream I felt an immense sense of peace joy, and excitement while looking out the window and witnessing such a great amount of pouring rain, I thought I would wake up to that being the scenario as it felt amazingly peaceful and enjoyable to witness in my dream, but unfortunately in the high desert region of California where I am located it has not rained in over 2 months.

Second dream I had that night was a dream the Lord confirmed to me was from the enemy, in this dream I was in a shopping center with other people and there was this man highlighted in the dream, and for some reason he snapped and begin hunting people down to kill them. The dream became even more demonic and changed scenes to where I kept encountering needles that were getting stuck in my flesh and I was removing one by one. It was very disturbing. However, in the morning when the Lord revealed to me the meaning of each dream I rejoiced greatly! The first dream was from the Lord, which prompted the enemy to fury and jealousy for what is to come, the interpretation from the Holy Spirit I got was the rain was significant of the out Pouring of the Holy Spirit creating such abundant peace and joy and blessings amongst Gods people!

The second dream was the Enemy, who losing control, he snaps and seeks to devour and come after gods people to do them harm. The dream was expressing the devils fury jealousy envy at the plans of God for his people. However the Lord will make the enemy our footstool, so to see above his attack and to see that his anger and great fury is a result of His knowing of the Glory to come allowed me to rejoice so greatly for the Glory of God is about to pour out all over the Earth and there is nothing that the enemy can do to stop that! Hallelujah!


Rejoice people of God! Rejoice in our Lord Jesus Christ!

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