Out with the new! In with the old! – Madelyn Camp

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Out with the new! In with the old!

December 7, 2023 8:05 AM
Madelyn Camp

We’ll see where he gets…suing the devil? Not sure how that’ll end up in the End Times with deep darkness covering the earth before Jesus returns.

The Lord will fight for His people with the things stronger than us coming against us in this day.

We’re in a time Matthew describes as “distress of nations with perplexity” = there’s no answer that answers it.

Things have shifted in the spirit realm. Things are not like they used to be. We can’t go back.

Pioneers on a new spiritual frontier making a way in the wilderness for others.

Out with the new! In with the old! Preparing to live off grid as in the 1800’s. Learning to forage.

Those prepared spiritually and physically for what’s coming and already here will be His light to others on the other side of catastrophic events. Those unprepared will be confused refugees in search of God, water, food, shelter.

NEVER stop arguing for truth!!! Making God deposits of truth in others who are deceived whenever Holy Spirit opens the door. Blood of Jesus on your doorposts.

I take great comfort in I AM the Architect of the Last Days. Satan does nothing that God does not allow for His plans and purposes.

Chosen. For such a time as this. ALPHA OMEGA DELTA FORCE END TIME WARRIOR BRIDAL COMPANY reporting for duty.

Find His end time assignment from Him specifically for you and be about His business in this day.

You don’t get heavenly credit for doing someone else’s assignment!

It’s now all about the harvest …

Madelyn Camp
December 7, 2023

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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