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OUT time [Our Time Is Coming] – 278pikelk

Published on Dec 14, 2016

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear.
My children, I’m allowing many of you time for rest in Me, My loves. Fellowship with Me during this time, My children. Sing to me. Listen for my voice. Rejoice in it, My love. My children, our time is coming, our time. That means us together forever. I know many of you, including my scribe, who writes these words, are growing weary. You wonder if you’ve been hearing and understanding things correctly. Seasons have passed, feasts have and come and gone, and you wondering My end time plans are simply a mirage, so close and to good to be true, but untouchable and intangible. I see questions. I see your frustration. I feel them. I see your weariness. I feel it. I see deep inside your hearts. Many have quit believing and have settled into their lives expecting the long haul. Others have walked away from Me completely. They have let go of My hand and have fallen backwards into the world and its lusts. They have given over to the lusts of their flesh and are stumbling about in the darkness.
My children, understand the prison you call flesh is just that, a prison. Unless you are 100 percent reliant on My Holy Spirit, Ruach Kodesh, you have no freedom, and you will never been able to remain on My path. Your heart in the flesh is foreign to Me, and the only way I can connect with you is if you are filled with My Holy Spirit. Just ask, My lover. Allow Me to remove the junk from your life and fill your emptiness with myself. Allow me to permeate your being with My Holy Spirit, and the only thing that will matter to you then will not be my timing, nor my exact plan, but remaining in constant oneness in Me. My Holy Spirit is a gentleman, and He will not force himself upon you. You must make the conscious decision to seek Him. If received, He will in dwell your heart and be in constant communion with you instead of being on the outside looking in. He will take his rightful position within your heart, and He will never leave you or forsake you. Take your focus off the flesh now. Take your focus off the problems of this world and seek My face constantly. I AM not a far-off God. I AM your creator, and though, at this point, we are separated by your flesh, we are in no way separated in the spirit. When you receive My Holy Spirit, we are in constant communion and will remain so until you are transfigured into your glorified bodies. For some of you, will receive glorified bodies. This has been known throughout time. So, do not be worried if you are not, will or will not. Know that, eventually, you will be in My presence. Many will be no longer cloaked in the wicked flesh that you exist in now. Whether your changed by My glorious transformation or changed via the death of your flesh, you should not be concerned. You should grow to where being with Me is such a driving force that it does not make a difference to you or your heart how you will receive your transformation. Each of you have your own path, and it cannot be changed.
I love you, my children.
Yahshuah HaMashiak

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