Out On A Limb – Lawuana M. Humphrey

Out On A Limb

Dec 22, 2019 8:19 PM
Lawuana M. Humphrey


Two months ago in my dream, I riding down the street in a car. I was seated on the passenger side and the car was being driven by a person from my job. As we were riding, I looked out the window and noticed we were in Northern California. So I looked up and seen many teenagers and young children out on the ledges of their windows. Then as I turned to let the driver know what was happening, I turned back to the window and we were in New York and I also saw many children out on their window ledges. The Lord let me know this was the enemy and he has created this challenge that seems as fun and games but he is trying to kill all the children in the ” out on a limb challenge” , I have been Rebuking this challenge every since and praying that it never comes to pass. In Jesus Name!!  ( Lawuana M. Humphrey) 2019

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