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out of the north comes a barbaric people to invade your land – Barbara Francis

Out of the north comes a barbaric people to invade your land

Barbara Francis

I’m getting a prophecy out of the north comes a barbaric people to invade your land. You have left your gates open and you have been warned by my Messengers and Prophets to secure your borders . OH Babylon your leaders fight amongst themselves they are distracted and are not seeing how the enemy has succeeded to gain entrance . Now they sit and wait for an opportunity to strike . Babylon judgment has been spoken over a perverse and corrupted nation that no longer seeks I AM. Your King has mocked me and used my NAME IN VAIN. He will NOT ask me for forgiveness. PROUD and arrogant. He Will be brought low . I Will allow the enemy to overcome your nation many will be killed by the sword.

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Transcript en Espanol

Estoy sacando una profecía del norte, llega un pueblo bárbaro para invadir tu tierra. Has dejado las puertas abiertas y mis Mensajeros y Profetas te han advertido que asegure tus fronteras. Oh, Babilonia, tus líderes luchan entre ellos, están distraídos y no ven cómo el enemigo ha logrado entrar. Ahora se sientan y esperan la oportunidad de atacar. El juicio de Babilonia se ha hablado sobre una nación perversa y corrupta que ya no busca YO SOY. Tu rey se burló de mí y usó mi NOMBRE EN VAIN. NO me pedirá perdón. Orgulloso y arrogante. Él será bajado. Permitiré que el enemigo supere tu nación, muchos serán asesinados por la espada.

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  1. Casey N Ellis

    Nahum prophecies the fall of Nineveh. In chapter 2 verse 6 in the new living translation it reads, “But too late! The river gates are open! The enemy has entered! The palace is about to collapse!”
    The Lord was speaking to Nineveh that their efforts of self-defense would be inadequate, and they would be taken by surprise.
    Oh, let the river flow! Let the enemy of our souls be overtaken, as we the people of God enter into the rivers of Living Water that flows from the throne room of Grace. And as we cause all of his strongholds to collapse.
    Get ready people of God! Seek his face! Wait on his orders! We are getting ready to storm the gates!

  2. Ming

    “Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?” Romans 2:4 KJV

    Lord Jesus, by Your Mercy & Goodness, please lead President Donald J. Trump to true repentance! Please baptize him with Your Fire and Your Holy Spirit!

    And please show Your Mercy & Grace to the people living in the northern states during the coming attack! In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen & amen.


  3. Rita

    July 2019 – I had a dream a few weeks ago that I was at work, while walking down the hallway and then standing at the bottom of the stairwell, I seen someone’s arms cut off at the elbow just laying there. The arms and hands looked bloodied as in your picture. I’m not too sure what this meant?

  4. Rita

    @ Ming: I think it was here at 444 Prophecy News that I read that someone had a dream that Trump had taken the Mark of the Beast

  5. Tracey

    Hi Ming and Rita, and may God richly bless you both! C: Here are the links to 444 Prophecy News contributor Linda Hasche’s “Trump isn’t who you think he is” prophecies:

    Again, GBU, and have a pleasant day/night. C:

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