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Out of Control! – Benjamin Faircloth

Benjamin Faircloth

Out of Control!


“America where are you going? Who is in control of your destiny? Where are you oh nation that sat upon the hills? Your light has gone out, but you cannot see the darkness! The sounds of death prevail, but you cannot hear them! Where did you turn and to whom did you lose control? I tell you this day that you lost your way when you rejected My counsel! You rejected My prophets who prayed in your hallowed halls of Congress. You made a deal with a church that is not of Me. You wasted your time pursuing prosperity and fleeting riches, but very few listened to My counsel. Now the seeds of rebellion and discord are here! Welcome to your harvest of hell! The fruit of your sin! You are out of control. Your nation has no destiny, your destiny of greatness has been forfeited! You exchanged My divine destiny for the coming destruction! Only a ship of fools cannot see the rocks ahead, only a ship of fools would stay aboard a vessel fitted for destruction! Abandon ship is My cry, come out from among her is My warning! But few can hear among the sounds of all is well!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Lamentations 5)

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