Our enemy is total logic, just like AI – Anonymous


Our enemy is total logic, just like AI

November 18, 2021 9:48 AM

Dream 11-12-21

In this dream I was given a chick. A small baby bird, a bundle of feathers. It flew out of my hand and arround me then back to my hand. Very cute. In three days it matured into an adult bird. Yet still cute and friendly. Yet I knew that it wasn’t ‘real. It was artificial, yet it was living.

I was next given a bundle of fur. A small kitten. It also matured in three days. Again, very cute. Cuddling. Now, in real life I don’t like cats very much. Yet this one was charming. Yet it had a patch of fur on its face that glowed green. Once again alive yet not real.

The third creature was a child. This time I was an observer. It was the responsibility of someone else. Again in three days it matured. I was a large area with a high wall. On the wall were the alphabet. Each letter was a learning assignment. The creature was being taught by the handler. When they were on the lesson L the handler had trouble and could not complete the lesson. They went on to the rest then came back to it. Once that was achieved the creature had ‘knowledge’. As soon as that happened it realized that the real human was flawed. He did not deserve to live. The creature immediately called up a demon/giant. Who then reached out his hand to the human. His fingers grew into cables and encompassed the man and sweezed. The man died instantly. Then the demon/giant disappeared. Here the dream ended.

I immediately began to intercede for mankind. All of us. What have we done. We have unleashed our death. It is true, we don’t deserve to live. We are flawed. Yet our true Creator offers us pardon, forgiveness, compassion. With these thoughts came remembrance of many scriptures. Look at YHVH’s own description to Moshe. Exo 34. Our enemy is total logic, just like AI. Yet YHVH offers us life through His Son.

We are all fallen. We have all sinned…. Yet we are offered the gift oof repentance! Oh His love for us all. Please join with me in interception for all of mankind! We are His priesthood now, at this time, here on earth.



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