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Photos courtesy Pixabay

Our Battle Gear Functions Fully with Righteousness

June 21, 2024 11:21 AM


The last days are upon us, as we all get ready for the battle to ensue, we are one with the one, I Am. (we are connected)
Each one of our battle gears, have been placed before us to make us victorious. Each implement of gear is reliant and functions fully with righteousness, lack of fear, love for others and is fine turned in humility.

No pride is found within or love of the things of this Earth. We make swift and decisive moves, as we move thru the battlefields.
Each has been chosen, at the beginning of time, for this honor, this privilege of serving God Almighty. Change comes swiftly now. Watch all signs around you. Be repentant, at all times.

Your Father

Photos courtesy Pixabay


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