June 21, 2022 5:31 PM
Tracy Lee King

Word Received June 20, 2022, began at 3:01am



“Third watch.  Remarkable things are coming. Watch and see as my hand is lifted against the nations.  Lifted high, my hand strikes.  What will you do when all is gone? Everything you know?  Who will you call on?  For I will not hear.

Now.  Now is the time to call on me.  The axe will fall. All those under my wings shall be safe.

Order out of chaos promised by evil doers. Do not fall into their trap. Lies upon lies to ensnare the populations.

Grief. Get ready for grief.  I have stayed my hand long enough.  The order will rise but their fall will be great.  Trust in me, your King. My Glory will fill the earth. It is done.

Hammer. (I saw in my mind’s eye a gavel come down) Judgment is come.

My Word is forever.

Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe. Have faith my children. Without it you will not live.  I am life.  Rest in me. Without me there is no rest. Wickedness never rests.

Foreshadow. Abundant life for those who rest in me.  Chose life in me. Leave the world behind to follow me, Your Maker.  My hands are upon you and everything that is.  Shall I not decide all things?

Pestilence. Groaning. Heartache. Goodness. Righteousness. Peace. Two paths. Wide. Narrow. This is your choice. Choose wisely. Wide is the path to destruction and many there be that go in thereat.  Narrow is the way to Salvation and everlasting life.  Choose wisely.  There is no more time.

I come for my children, the weak, and the innocent. Mine. Are you mine?

Gangbusters. Whirlwind. Havoc. Grief beyond measure.  Catastrophic events like nothing you have every known. Wild fires out of control. Where will you go? Where will you hide? In Me?  Or be lost?

My fury comes. Hear me. Call out my name. Give up your life now or lose it. I am life.  I am Salvation. Hear Me. Or die.

In me there is no condemnation. Without me you are condemned already. I am the Branch. Be found in me. Honour Me and I will honour you. The time is now.  Forbearing all things, I will honour you. Honour Me. Jesus the Christ. Yehushua. Yeshua Hamaschiach”


Third watch: Mark 13:35 mentions four nighttime watch periods of 3 hours. 3am, when I was awoken and received the message was the “third watch” which is 12mid to 3am. (Lamentations 2:19; Luke 12:38; Matthew 24:29-35)

Remarkable: Hebrew 6383 pili or pali OR 6381 pala meaning:  noteworthy, notable, secret, wonderful, incomprehensible, extraordinary, to be surpassing….. (Habakkuk 1:5-9; Zephaniah 1:14-15)

“Order out of chaos” is an illumin@ti, freem@son (s@tanic) dogma regarding the one world order that will bring organization following a great turmoil in the end times

Hammer – in my mind’s eye, I saw a gavel come down. Gavel’s are small mallets used by judges to attract attention, call to order, or confirm an action by bringing it down on the desk.

Foreshadow – defined as a verb: to represent, indicate, or typify beforehand; a synonym for harbinger, herald, prefigure

Gangbusters – I actually heard this and had to look it up.  It is defined as outstandingly excellent or successful; with great or excessive force or aggressiveness; with great speed or success

Whirlwind – defined as a noun: rapidly rotating column of air such as a tornado, dust devil or waterspout; a tumultuous, confused rush; a destructive force or thing

Havoc – defined as a noun: wide and general destruction; great confusion and disorder.  Defined as a verb: to lay waste

Catastrophic – defined as describing a momentous tragic event ranging from extreme misfortune to utter overthrow or ruin; a violent and sudden change in a feature of the earth; a violent usually destructive natural event.  Synonyms for “catastrophe” are apocalypse, calamity, cataclysm, disaster, tragedy

“I am the Branch” Isaiah 4:2

Forbearing: defined as being patient, enduring, longsuffering, unruffled, self-control, restraint under adversity, slow to retaliate, accepting pains and hardship calmly or without complaint; and to resist the temptation of……Greek 447:  leave, abandon; 430: endure, suffer



(please look read through these scriptures and always confirm any messages with the Holy Spirit):

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“Have mercy upon us, O Lord the God of all, and behold; And send your fear upon all the nations: Lift up your hand against the strange nations; And let them see your mighty power”

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