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Order of Events: The Prophet Micah – Tim Foster

Order of Events

The Prophet Micah

Tim Foster

See Micah’s entire prophecy for the latter days…all of the events are listed in God’s word, we do not need to speculate on what happens first…second…etc…

The children / innocents are taken in the last verse of chapter one…the gathering of the Remnant (144,000) occur at the end of chapter two…

The rapture of the church body, those who missed the first two departures…occurs in chapter four…

Let God’s unfulfilled prophecy tell us what happens…not man’s speculation…

Order of Events - The Prophet Micah

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  1. Mark N

    If Micah’s prophecy is for the latter days, why not leave the words as they are, without inserting the USA, Trump, Obama, Christians, Jews etc?

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