Only the REMNANT will be spared – Barbara Francis

Only the REMNANT will be spared

Barbara Francis


My beloved children, the time has arrived. You have been refined in the fire . In the furnace of affliction. Many struggles and doubts. Crying to me late into the night for deliverance from pain and suffering. Repenting and asking forgiveness from your Father in heaven. I heard each one of you. The great Day is at hand. I will send you a sign from the heavens.I will turn over the unrepentant to the Adversary, THE BEAST. As it is written , so shall it be done on earth. His MARK IS being accepted , no questions asked. . He is already admired and has groomed the multitudes. It will be a dark Day a day of GLOOM. Babylon, I sent a FIREBALL over your great NEW YORK.from the heavens to show you my power and might. To alert you what is coming to your NEW YORK CITY. Your nation and KING refuses to humble themselves and repent. Only the REMNANT will be spared from the all consuming FIRE sent by I AM.

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