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Only Few

April 19, 2022 4:46 AM
Brother Moses

April 19,2022

Your bones shall flourish like a tree and tender grass. Isaiah 66:14

Words from the Lord.

My son I have new words for My children. Many of My children no more have strong desire to walk with Me their God. Many in the world are living their life as if they will never die. They do not consider that I the Lord will judge them. Time is soo precious to be wasted, for it is very short and uncertain. Many of My children are daily wasting their time in pursut of vanity.

Only very few comes daily to My presense for spiritual refreshment. The spiritual life of many have become so dry, empty and tastless because they have turned their back from Me the fountain of living water. Only few spends quality time to read and study My word. Only few spends quality time in prayer. Fastings is practised only by very few persons. This is why the spiritual life of many are very weak, dead and decaying.

Why won’t My enemy attack you, your family and finance seeing you have forsaken the fountain of life and divine refreshment to drink the bitter and dirty water of the world that poisen and destroys the life of all those who drink from her dirty fountain. I long to beautify My children and to bring them to spiritual maturity, but only very few spends quality time in My presense so that I can beautify their spirit man and fully comform them to My image and likeness.

Only very few live their life as if I am coming the next five minutes. Only very few are living with eternity in view. Many of My children are under the bondage of time. What will I do again to awaken My sleeping children?. My children, free now from the wrath to come!. You are only a step to eternity. Come and live with Me in the land where its inhabitants never die and never grow old.


Coordinating Scripture

Ezekiel 22:26
Psalm 36:9
Jeremiah 2:13
Jeremiah 17:13
Revelation 21:6
Isaiah 40:30-31
Isaiah 33:21
Psalm 103:1-5
Luke 3:7-8.

Brother Moses.

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