April 8, 2022 2:39 AM

Friday, April 8, 2022, at 13:40

My daughter, what is happening in Shanghai is actually a political contest. Your national president wants to stay re-elected, so he uses this so-called epidemic to suppress all opposition voice, and also uses it to test the tolerance level of the common people for better control, better manipulation and better enslavement later.

My children, you have lived in a time where you have traded your freedom for survival, and freedom will soon become a luxury stuff to you. You no longer have everything that you should have as a human being in their eyes, you are merely a test article for the system of the beast that they will soon fully bring to the inhabitants of the earth.

Do not trust your governments, for they have made a deal with the god of this world, Satan the Devil, to trade their souls for dominion over this world. But they do not know that their final destination will be in the lake of fire that never ceases to burn with blazing fire.

The whole world lies under the hand of the evil one, who has been given a time to take full control of the entire earth, and the time is not far away.

But do not be afraid, My children, for I have overcome the world, and the prince of this world has nothing in Me. If you are in Me, then you have nothing to fear.

You must study My words daily, humble yourselves daily, come to Me, listen to My still, small voice, and understand My will for you.

I Am the creator of heavens and earth, and I have everything. The gold is Mine, the silver is Mine, the cattle on a thousand hills and the sheep on a million hills are Mine, but what I most long to have is your hearts, and your love for Me.

I love you with an eternal love, I have given everything for you, but I will not force you to love Me, I will not force you to give Me your heart, your everything, I have given you free will, the choice is always yours.

Will you be with your loving Father who loves you unconditionally forever, or will you be with the evil one who is bent on stealing, killing and destroying you forever?

Make your choice now, for time is really running out. Choose wisely, My children, for the results of your choices are eternal.

Come to Me, My children, and Cast all your cares and burdens on Me; nothing is impossible for Me. I desire tono n have an intimate relationship with each one of you, an intimate relationship in which you are willing to spend time with Me in any situation, to talk to Me, to tell Me your cares and worries, and to wait for My answer.

Come to Me, My children, Aren’t all the friendships and relationships in your world that need to take time to develop? So our relationship is the same. Draw near to Me, and I will draw near to you; give Me your hearts and pour them out to Me, and then I will tell you the great and difficult things that you do not know.

Time is running out, My children, Seek Me now, be close to Me now, establish a personal, one-on-one relationship with Me now, or it will be too late!

God richly Bless,


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