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One of “The Fall Guys” Has Now Done What He has Been Told to Do by His Directors – Holy Spirit Wind

Holy Spirit Wind

One of “The Fall Guys” Has Now Done What He has Been Told to Do by His Directors


My children, are you are you surprised at all by what you see happening before you on the world stage? Yes, Shakespeare was correct, especially with those who follow the enemy, Satan. The truth is never told. The lies mount up so high that it is is more than your human understanding can fathom. But, I say to you, ask of Me and I will give you My wisdom. I will show you the truth, for I am the truth and I am not a man that I can lie.”The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but he who heeds counsel is wise. A fool’s wrath is known at once, but a prudent man covers shame.” (Prov 12:15-16) Can you not see this playing out in this world right now? War is what they desire and war is what they will have but it will come back upon themselves in a way that they have not considered. Seek Me for wisdom and understanding and be the king that I have made you to be!

One of “The Fall Guys” has now done what he has been told to do by his directors. He plays the role they created for him very well but when they are done with him they will discard him. Then the beast shall take center stage. He is the star of their show, the one on whom they have been waiting for. He will be controled by his father the devil, just as I was filled by the Holy Spirit when I came as the son of man. The audience will cheer him on like never before. They will fall down and worship him. They will do anything he asks of them and they will regret that decision for all of eternity.

Yet, another door has been opened and no man will shut it. There is no way for the nations to turn back now, the scriptures shall be fulfilled. The time of judgement has now come for America and the whole earth. The horsemen ride together, war and famine shall ride simultaneously after the fiery, false flag, kick off event followed closely by the pale horse, ridden by death and one fourth of the earth shall he be given authority over. They shall die by sword (war), famine, pestilence (disease) and the wild beasts of the earth. The bear and the dragon shall have their way with the eagle and her wings shall be plucked. The fall of Babylon the great shall be final and the whole earth will weep for her; her wealth and her whoring ways. Oh, how they loved to fornicate with her but she will be NO MORE!

Come now My children it is time to turn from the things and ways of this world. Repent, for nothing that you see before you shall remain but My kingdom is everlasting! Pray for My lost sheep, that they will return to Me and that I can find them by using you. Sit at My feet and listen to Me for I have instructions for ALL of you that no one else can tell you. Please draw near to Me now so that your pain and suffering can be eased! Seek Me like you have never sought Me before for there is not much time. My people shall have and others shall have not. My people shall share of what they receive both physiaclly and spiritualy so that many will come to know Me through them. If you heed My words you will shine brightly for Me and rule and reign with Me FOREVER! I am coming soon and quicker than the twinkling of your eye.

Get to know Me better now or you will NEVER have the chance!

I love you all so much! I have bought you all with My own blood.

Please listen to me!

Jesus Christ

Yahushua Hamashiach


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