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One calamity after another – Terri Hennessey

One calamity after another

January 17, 2022 2:22 PM
Terri Hennessey

Jan 17, 2022

Daughter write My words,

Yes daughter, the days are drawing near to My judgements being poured out. One calamity after another, for it is time to wake My children who remain asleep. Asleep in their sins, asleep, continuously refusing to open their eyes to the spiritual battle being fought all around them. They refuse to gaze upon, that they may have to call out to Me. They refuse to face, that their very souls are at a risky place; unknown to the danger that lies before them. They feel in their hearts that if they just keep their eyes closed, the calamities will not touch them; but I say not so. These are those whose hearts will fail for fear, for they have done nothing to spiritually, physically, mentally, or emotionally prepare for what comes. It’s like closing your eyes (in an elevator) as you elevate to a height that is frightening; you think that so long as your eyes are closed, you won’t have to engage in the uncomfortable feeling of fear; but what happens when you reach the height, the summit; you have all the world beneath you and you suddenly realize that you must now open your eyes and as you look down, the fear is greater, because you did not prepare to deal with the great height you would reach.

All must be preparing their hearts for what comes, for it will benefit those to look and see the danger coming, so that you can get out of harms way, rather than be splattered and flattened by the heaviness of those things falling upon all mankind. My children, those who trust in and abide in Me, shall stand, shall have peace within because they spent time with Me, preparing their hearts, knowing, believing, and accepting that My hand covers them. They will stand and will be there to aid those who fall under the weight of My judgment.

Come, all who long to have peace in these last days, come and sit at My feet. I will pour out all you need to be strengthened for what is to come in the days ahead. My child, tell My children to prepare, to spend as much time with Me as possible, so that I can strengthen all those areas within each of you, those places inside your hearts and minds that try to hide from Me. Surrender all, and I will cleanse, refresh, fortify, and make ready.

Ask for understanding and discernment of My word as you read aloud; that you will see and understand the deeper meaning of My word and how every letter applies to this last generation.

Be encouraged My children. It is coming. My reign is coming. This world will be cleansed of all evil and the garden will once again be the home I always intended you to have.


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