Once Donald Trump leaves office things will change drastically – Ali Winters

Ali Winters

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Stand up, stand up for Jesus, you soldiers of the Cross. Life high His royal banner, it must not suffer loss…..

“Americans take for granted the grace and mercy being poured out upon them. The church stands by watching in eager expectation of blessings as sin continues to mount within their congregation. Millions lean on false hope, building their lives on the teachings of man and not the promises of God. The weight of the world will destroy the church built on a weak word, false promises and half-hearted faith.”

The following is a word I received on 28 March, 2019; a word I would prefer not to deliver. Please pray and seek God, Perhaps He will change His mind and give us more time.

“You have six more years to get ready and be prepared. You have six years to warn the sheep, use your time wisely. Once Donald Trump leaves office things will change drastically.”

The following I received the evening of 29 March, 2019…“There is one rising who is cunning, crafty and clever in his deceit. Watch for one to appear a friend, but beware… his motives are not pure. Deceit is in his heart. He will pretend to be a friend to Israel and will lead many astray. Pray for discernment for the people and leadership of Israel. Be on your guard; the darkness continues to spread as the church languishes in apathy with a poverty mentality. (I understood this to be spiritual poverty not monetary)”.

To remain silent is easy, to turn a blind eye, save face, ignore, explain away…all easier than speaking up. You must begin now to take a stand. Do not relinquish your position as a child of God, pray but speak up for what is true, defend your faith in the midst of adversity. Do not allow lies and half truths to distort My gospel. Many will try, but they must not succeed. The darker the days become the harder it will be to speak up; you must not remains silent.

The darkness that comes will take many by surprise. It will come from a once trusted source but soon you will see your trust has been misplaced. Take a stand for what you know to be right. My Word, not manmade theology, must be your final authority”.

“Who is the man wise enough to understand this? To whom has the mouth of the LORD spoken, that he may explain it? Why is the land destroyed and scorched (spiritually) like a desert, so no one can pass through it? And the LORD answered, “it is because they have forsaken My law (My Word) that I set before them; they have not walked in it or obeyed My voice. Instead, they have followed the stubbornness of their hearts and gone after the Baals (self-gratifying idols) as their (spiritual) fathers taught them.”… Jeremiah 9

ali at 6:39 PM

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  1. Brandon J

    If that’s the case, others will also hear a six year number. I will look out for that. I do not believe America has 6 years. I say that bc of what Gods been showing me and the few close to me who have been refined. Time will tell us more. I completely respect Mrs. Winters here and her relationship with our God. I base what I’m saying on my relationship with God and the vague things He’s shown/told me and not just my opinion. He typically speaks to me in timelines. Maybe others have an opinion or things to add.

    Lately I’ve needed to take a step back from the flurry of words and visions out there. I often wonder if God allows our hearts to be tested through them in ways we don’t always understand. That’s why I always consider that I could be wrong in the way I interpret. Maybe my heart shrinks back bc I don’t want to be here for six more years. I always take a look in the mirror…

    • ali

      I so appreciate your comments. May Holy Spirit confirm His word. LORD bless. ali winters

  2. Martin S

    Six years does no bear witness to my spirit. Too much has happened now as time is being compressed- shortening of days. Just mho.

    • YeshuahsBride

      I agree. The time of the manchild being born is right upon us.

  3. Matthew

    Six more years… Who else thinks that would be wonderful? I hope people aren’t disappointed. The destruction of Nineveh was to occur after 40 days, but it did not happen because the people repented. The end has seemed to loom so close and there is so much more to do – six more years would be wonderful! Does that mean there is significant repentance and breakthrough around the corner – as in Nineveh – even as the darkness spreads? I hope so… I have long suspected that the darkness will rise as the light grows stronger – they made plans to kill Jesus even as he raised Lazarus from the dead. Let’s not waste a minute, but commit every thought, word and deed to the Lord and obey his instructions for each one of us. Who would he have each of us lead to him? Other people are all we can bring with us into eternity. Let’s ask the Lord to use us for that purpose. Let’s seek the Lord above all else every day, because without him we can do nothing.

    • Jean ayers

      Very wise indeed. The wisdom of God is speaking here brothers and sisters.

    • Deborah Braman

      I am having trouble finding this encouraging. I want to, but looking at how fast the evil is increasing, exponentially, I can’t. I am so concerned for any child that will reach accountability during that time. They won’t even know what gender they are. We can pray like crazy for ours, but what about all the billions of little ones who have nobody to pray for them? I know the Lord knows best, but seeing through a glass darkly makes it all so dark. I was really hoping it was less than three years.

      • Kathleen

        Prophet Kim Clement prophesied that President Trump would serve two terms. Six years from now will be March 2025. Trump will have been out of office for only two months. If someone who absolutely despises Trump, and all who voted for him, is elected to the presidency, I suspect the backlash against these folks will begin in earnest.

        Yes, the darkness IS increasing. It’s supposed to. But do we not understand that the weeds (agents of darkness) and the wheat (children of light) are growing up together? Do we also not realize that the weeds are gathered up and gathered into bundles to be burned first so that the wheat can then be brought in from the harvest fields?

        What we are seeing is exposure. This may not be pleasant for us but it must be. Let’s not so much bemoan what we see, let’s pray for these people. They are spiritually lost. Their eternity will be horrible if they do not turn to God through Jesus.

        Six years. Let’s spend it in prayer and in doing all our Lord gives us to do. The harvest IS plentiful. Billions still need to hear God’s Good News. Now is NOT the time to yearn to be raptured out of here. There’s work to be done.

        • Ming

          “After some deliberation, there was a vote. Every judge voted in favor of the saints to extend another time period of grace. I cannot disclose how long it is at this time.

          Finally, the Father, the Great Judge of all the earth, spoke. He said:
          “On the basis of the evidence presented by the Defense, I decree that the prosecution has failed to bring a closing to the final days of Grace on earth. An extension of time has been granted to the saints of the overcoming Bridal remnant Church.”

          A confirmation from Maurice Sklar? Please take all these sharings to The Lord for His Confirmation.



    • ali

      Amen and AMEN. ali winters

  4. Lillian

    I’m confused now. I don’t know what to believed anymore

    • Brandon J

      In my experience, God always confirms things or “bears witness” to us through various ways that are not always the same. So far this is a no for me personally.

      In my opinion Glynda Lomax and Barbara Francis are deeply mature with their relationship with God and their experience in receiving and intrepting from Him. They are great examples. Getting specific time frames from God is something you will not see them get often at all. Even when God gave me specific timelines they did not unfold how I thought.

      Trust me, your not alone in your confusion and neither are Gods people. Beware of the one who have it all figured out 🙂

    • Randy Layton

      Lillian, just stay in the word, and ask of God yourself

  5. Tim

    Everything, EVERYTHING, in the word of God has a “natural” (literal) meaning, a higher “spiritual” meaning, and a highest “heavenly” or “celestial” meaning. Paul wrote that “the natural man understandeth not the word of God, for it is foolishness to him” – God is Spirit, and His word MUST be given to the reader in the Spirit.

    As far as “6 years” goes, two things immediately came to mind, because for a brief moment I too was thrown for a loop. First, “a day is as a thousand years in the eyes of the Lord, and a thousand years are as a day.” Secondly, and this is a deeper understanding – we each come to the Lord when WE are ready – He tries to shake us awake, but does not force himself on anyone. Before anyone says that this is NOT in the word of God, read what he told Ali in the 2nd paragraph – this IS PRECISELY what he is telling me too. Millions are leaning on FALSE hope, building their lives on teachings of MEN. The Israelites did not want the Lord as their king, they wanted a MAN, like are the other nations. Therefore, the Lord said, as you wish, and gave them Saul.

    Take EVERYTHING before the Lord for discernment.


  6. It will NOT be 6 years . . . Get your spiritual houses in order now . . . Today. The LORD has been emphasizing the following:
    Indeed, I’m grateful to see siblings who have discernment in the comment section. PRAISE GOD THROUGH WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!! \o/
    Keep seeking the LORD about ALL “prophecies” . . It’s an excellent way to build up your relationship with Holy Spirit.

    We have WW3 about to explode into reality. We are in the “sudden destruction” time now, folks.

    Linda Hasche (BelieveActs2)

  7. Geert

    No I dont believe the 6 years.
    Maybe 6 months .
    my Spirit is not in agreement with 6 years.
    Hope I am wrong.
    Peace treaty this year then tribulation begins for 7 years

  8. Matthew

    I noticed that she did not say Trump has six more years. Things will change once Trump is removed. They will change quickly. Use the time wisely. If Trump had six more years, then he would be in office for more than 8 years. Other words show that he will be removed most likely in the fall.

  9. John Hancock

    JESUS “NEVER” preached a message that said, “GO BACK TO SLEEP”!

  10. peter

    Maybe 6 months…

  11. Mike Fisch

    We don’t have six more years. Donald Trump fits the description of cunning, crafty and deceitful. The judgments on America have already begun.

  12. Elisabeth Young

    No witness in the spirit on this.

    • J.B

      A few years ago when I asking the Lord when the apocalypse begin he answered me what it’s the importance to know the end if you don’t know the beginning?

      To all writers don’t worry about the time juste be prepared the time of the Lord its perfect it’s better to you to put your house in order, maybe your actions are ok and your thoughts are alright ?

      We know when the dawn it’s come we have to pass first for the darkest hour, I personally saw in vision that apocalypse and it’s the worst thing that I saw, why do you want to acelerate this just be patient the word of the Lord going to happend

  13. Sonia

    Her timeline matches Patricia Greens time line of 7 years from 1 year ago. Meaning 6 years left, they are both inline.

  14. TrinidadWarrior777

    Please god no!!!! i cannot bear the thougth this hardship will go on six more years It sais to witness.for 6 more…I don’t think i can survive this battle emotionally if it doesnt kill me physically first…Please someone anyone debunk this theory

    • Deborah Braman

      Trinidad, I understand completely, but we need to respect the prophets. There may be another way to understand this, but I try to never say a prophet, especially a respected one, is not hearing from the Lord. We cannot call it a theory, it is a prophetic Word from the Lord. But like Ali requested, we all need to take it to the Lord in prayer and not panic. She said ” Please pray and seek God, Perhaps He will change His mind and give us more time.” So let’s do that. Let’s trust Him, and know that whatever He does is perfect.

    • Deborah Braman

      Hmmm, just realized she said He may give us MORE time, yikes, I am hoping for far less. Either way, let’s pray.

  15. Jesse Terrell

    I believe what “believe acts 2” and others here say. judgement almost has to be imminent, it would seem to me. I am not an expert on anything. But two things—supposedly after the Israeli elections next month, Pres. Trump will announce his Mideast Peace plan. The word on some prophetic sites is that the admin. has decided to give East Jerusalem to the Palestinians, and to divide Israel. This of course would no doubt bring GOD’s judgement—as if the LORD needed another reason. Number 2, All these states allowing full term abortions—do you honestly think our Abba Father will allow His precious babies to continue to be slaughtered. I am really surprised this country has not been destroyed already. Do you think GOD will continue to allow tens of millions to be slaughtered—while talking about “Make America Great Again?” We haven’t been great since Roe:vs:Wade in 1973. You’re not great while slaughtering babies. (And by the way GOD forgives anyone who truly repents about her abortion, including a very close relative. We just want them to STOP.)

  16. LC

    DT is EVIL! Anyone with any sense can clearly see that.

  17. Stephen Lee

    Actually I quite surprise when she say another six more years (now is 2019), quite coincident for other prophetic word I saw back from Sept 2017 as Dr. Patricia Green , Alison Pound, Maurice Sklar prophecy mention another 7 more years. Pastor T.D Hale also say After Billy Graham die there will be war for 7 years until the coming of the Lord. Please google it!

    Chuck YoungBrandt have old prophetic word regarding America 7 years in captivity (another 7 years but haven’t happen yet!). So how things go on I DON’T KNOW! Probably we already enter the so called 7 years Tribulation but the MAJOR HORRIBLE EVENT aka Great Tribulation AC rule will be happen on second half of the 7 years Trib. The first half seem to be sign-less events.

  18. Fred

    Matthew made a very wise and loving comment. So whether we have 6 months or 6 years this is what we need to be focusing on

    ” Other people are all we can bring with us into eternity. Let’s ask the Lord to use us for that purpose. “

  19. John B

    If we have 6 more years then the vast majority of end times prophets are false prophets. Originally most were saying 2015. Now a lot are saying the coming months. I dont know who is the real prophet and who makes up lies. That would mean a lot of the published people on this website and others have given repeated false words. I don’t think Trump will get reelected. This doesn’t make any sense vs all the other prophets who say the rapture/tribulation are imminent. Seems like every time a false word is given the timeline gets pushed out. The church in America isn’t repenting like Nineveh. America is getting worse with immorality and legislation.

    • Brandon J

      In the Bible, I forget where, there’s a time where Gods people simply refuse to receive the harsh words God was giving to them. So eventually God sent lying spirit’s to speak through a group of seers. He gave them what they wanted to hear.

      Over time as I’ve meditated on things like that and matured in my spiritual walk it can be confusing who’s a “false prophet” or not. There is so much gray there. Wisdom stands on the roof top and calls out loud to men to receive her.

      I will say personally I am on high alert the next 3 years based on things I feel I’m not supposed to share. After that I’m not planning on “sleeping” but, all the words about timing are…frustrating, for sure.

      I wish you well.

    • Leah


      Discernment and wisdom are what is needed

      Seems to be 50/50.

      As a general rule I dismiss most “prophecies” that give dates.

      In my personal opinion Judgement on the US has already begun.

      huge earthquake in alaska. NOV. 7.2
      (over 2000 aftershocks)
      soon coming Famine

      The leaders we “deserve”….. division and strife

      too many to list

      Is your house in order?

    • Ambassador

      No one is promised tomorrow. My 60 yo brother laid down for a nap last week and woke up in heaven. No warning, no signs. Let us all be sober and do our best every day. So many people I know have passed away esp between 40-60 years old.

      Our leader was praying for a young girl 10-12 years old. She said she wanted to grow up and be like him. The Lord told him there is not enough time left for her to grow up. When we talk about timing, it can be confusing as to tribulation, second coming, Armageddon, etc

    • mark blackburn

      Could not agree more John B, I just cannot understand this obsession with end time dates if we put all this energy into reaching the lost I believe Christ would be much more pleased with us

  20. ali

    Thank you all for your comments. God is not the Author of confusion, I am sorry if this has brought confusion into your life. I do not claim to be a prophet, I never have claimed to be a prophet. I am a watchman, nothing more. I write what I feel Holy Spirit gives me. Whether we have 6 months, 6 years or 6 days, the remnant has work to do. There are far too many lost and dying, we have no time to faint or be fearful. Again I ask you to please bring everything I post to the LORD for confirmation and let us pray that regardless of what time we have left, we will remain faithful to finish the course set before us. LORD bless. ali winters

    • John Griffin

      Ali, thank you for your words, your courage and your commitment to obedience.

  21. Robert E

    I too am have been feeling like time is short, but there is still so much to be done to bring in a great harvest of current unbelievers that I believe is coming. The great falling away hasn’t happened yet either. So much of what the Lord said is coming may be very near, but hasn’t happed yet. The Lord has given me a new assessment that was totally off of my radar that will take some time to accomplish.

    Bottom line, we need to hold the timeline loosely, both the longer and the shorter timelines. The parables that Jesus told in Matt 24 & 25 speak of the waiting being shorter than expected, longer than expected, and harder than expected.

    Thank you Ali for the courage to share and be open to the discussion and debate here.

  22. nancytrimble58

    The latest word from Nancy Youngbrandt (Chuck Youngbrandt ministry aka Staff and Sword Ministry) is that we are praying for taking back this country. It doesn’t mean that these will be years of prosperity or normal by any means, she was given a word that war will begin as well as occupation of this nation, hence judgment will be occurring at the same time. It is the only way at this point to bring the nation back to a state of repentance and calling upon the Lord.

  23. AnnMarie

    Well said Ali! I appreciate your courage to speak what the Holy Spirit gives you regardless of how anyone feels about it. God bless you and your ministry!

  24. GaurNitaiDas

    God has not and will not give timelines because this is what people will do.. Folks, have 5 years and 11 months to do what you want. Grab the bible again once Trump leaves office and repent sincerely.

  25. Loveth Nwokeohuru

    I have never been given any time so far, and I don’t believe in date setting because Jesus says ” the day or hour no man knows” but this date here may be referring to the time left before the tribulation/persecution of the saints begin or any other prophetic fulfillment. Last year, my sister had a dream where she was told that we have not more than seven days to prepare ourselves spiritually for what is about to happen. In the he dream she was asked to dedicate her life to evangelism, converting souls to Christ because the time is short.

    Why I said it maybe the time before tribulation will begin I’d because date setting is not biblical, it can’t be seven years before Christ will come as we do not know.

    The major thing is to focus on God and doing his work so that when he comes he will find us worthy of his kingdom.
    If we decide to depend on time, then some of us maybe disappointed and give up their faiths.

    In 2012, when I newly gave my life to Christ, I had this friend that I also was carrying along too. We all believed that the coming of Christ was very near, maybe like 1-2 years latest.

    One day during church service, the man of God prophesied to one man that 2015 will be the year of his breakthrough.
    Immediately my friend heard that she “said so we will still be world till 2015?”

    That was how she became discouraged and went back to her old life. I then told her that “what if she falls down and die now, what will happen to her? That if any man dies his or her own world has ended”.

    Yes we know that the evil in this world is too much, and we want the time to be shortened. But what about those who have not yet heard the word, those who have not yet come into the light?.

    It is people like you and I that God will use to bring them in. Then at his appointed time he will come.
    I have decided not to focus on the time but the work of God.

  26. sophie

    Sorry but I disagree and here is a Word Pastor Benjamin Faircloth of Ignited Church just got and does this sound like we have 6 yrs left to you:

    No disrespect to sister Ali Winters at all; prophetic Word below:

    America your journey is nearing its end- a journey of prosperity and achievements, paved by the blood of slavery and usury! You thought that I have forgotten your sins- those which you have not confessed nor taken responsibility for. I have not forgotten, they are ever before Me! The increase of My judgments are upon you and they will intensify as you involve yourself in My land Israel! For you know not- that is your assignment and that is your purpose! For I have given you a king who is an architect- a builder who can see by design. I have chosen him to fulfill the prophecy of My Word! He shall design the Temple of the Last Days! Though he will not occupy nor visit her steps, he’s purpose will be fulfilled! America, you have no idea of your purpose, but I do and I have shown it to you through your prophets and watchmen, but you refuse to see it. Therefore, you are blinded and deafened to these words! Prepare for your destiny America! Build the Temple on divided land and I will divide you from within!”

  27. Kathleen G

    Just a thought…we won’t have a definitive understanding if where we are on God’s timeline until the two witnesses begin their three and a half years of ministry. Until then, let’s not worry. Let’s be about our Lord’s Kingdom business. There’s much to do. The harvest is ripe and plentiful. Harvesters are needed in the fields and support staff is needed to disciple all who are brought into God’s Kingdom.

  28. Skipper

    No disrespect but my spirit doesnt feel like 6 years and really got upset this days after reading.Somebody please confirm this we need 2 or 3 witnesses from the Lord for something to be 100% true.And I dont want to go to other people and kill theyr excitment that we are so soon to get out of here because I will have to contact some other people to see what the Lord tells them about this.And for the people who say that we need to stay here 6 years to harvest thats what the 144k will do after we come back in a glorified body after 3 days of darkness thats when the biggest harvest that ever was will be.If this message is true that means 6 years until things start to move and darkness increase for 3 days of darkness to happen only after that then other.Thats alot of time man.Again I dont want to disrespect anybody or to say x or y didnt receive right and go against the Lord because I was sad and kinda feel like I did.I want other prophets/watchem to confirm this.And I cant get excited about rapture news etc knowing that ,,eh we have 6 years until something actually happen”.

    • Skipper

      Update: After being sad and frustrated I came to the realization that a true servant stays with the Lord no matter how much time it will take and the Lord reminded me of Luke 12:
      45 But and if that servant say in his heart, My lord delayeth his coming; and shall begin to beat the menservants and maidens, and to eat and drink, and to be drunken;

      46 The lord of that servant will come in a day when he looketh not for him, and at an hour when he is not aware, and will cut him in sunder, and will appoint him his portion with the unbelievers.

      47 And that servant, which knew his lord’s will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes.

      We dont know the Lord timeline.He has a perefect plan.And as somebody else said above: 2 Peter 3:8 ‘But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.’
      Maybe this was a test to see whos faithul and whos not.Lets see if other people get something from the Lord about this and thanks for the courage to post Ali!God bless!

  29. Reece Bearer

    Let’s be honest, 6 years doesn’t “rest” with so many of your spirits because you don’t want it to. What ever happened to all the prophecies of Obama being the last President. Now someone is coming after Trump and this guys might be it? I think if anything the Trump/Pence ticket is more in line with the prophecies than any other. The Bible uses the term Anti-Christ, not Anti-Christian.

  30. Martin S

    I believe the prophecies stating Obama being the last president are accurate in that after Trump is removed, Obama will come back to power as the final POUS. Not under the present constitutional law, but as the ruler/A/C of this nation. This will fulfill the prophecies you are referring to.

  31. Matthew

    I also found this paragraph intriguing:

    “The darkness that comes will take many by surprise. It will come from a once trusted source but soon you will see your trust has been misplaced. Take a stand for what you know to be right. My Word, not manmade theology, must be your final authority”.

    What is the once trusted source? Could darkness actually come through the institutional church? I grew up in the institutional church and loved and trusted it as a source of truth. There is wheat growing together with the weeds in the different congregations.

    But I always loved the Gospel of Jesus more than I loved the institution of the church and its earthly attributes. I expect that in coming days the Kingdom of God will find expression through a movement of His Spirit rather than any man made institution.

    16 “All this I have told you so that you will not fall away. 2 They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, the time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God. 3 They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me. 4 I have told you this, so that when their time comes you will remember that I warned you about them. I did not tell you this from the beginning because I was with you, 5 but now I am going to him who sent me. None of you asks me, ‘Where are you going?’ 6 Rather, you are filled with grief because I have said these things. 7 But very truly I tell you, it is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Advocate will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you.” John 16:1-7

  32. Catherine

    Six years looks to be a long time but don’t forget a lot of things musst happen before: the nuclear war in the middle east schould be before the peace treaty, then the third world war, financial collaps, many natural catastrophes, etc. The world musst come down to accept the Antichrist. As I understand America will be destroyed before the 7 years or in the beginning. In 2015 I asked the Lord, how long I have to do my mission work? I slept and I had a dream: I saw New York destroyed beside other places and the Lord said: when this happens, you have seven more years!
    We are still here and instead to sit around and wait the rapture, we should stand and go out and preach. If you do nothing, don’t wait for the rapture, forget it.
    I read all these dreams and visions, that some people bring everyday. Some are from the Lord, some are the thoughts of the people but I’m waiting for the Army of Elijahs! did you see the Elijah and the prophets with the spirit of Elijah? No, so forget the rapture and do the work.
    After I saw a video about Seattle, I asked me: where is the church? somewhere in the bush, hidden, trembling, thinking only of herself? this is not the church of Jesus Christ. The church is in the streets preaching, praying, given people hope.

  33. Delores Johnson

    Stop waiting for rapture, we all will have to go through tribulation. Remember the parable of the fig tree, the temple has not been built yet. I believe the WORD OF GOD before I believe in mans dreams, and interpretations of His WORD.

  34. Paul

    It all depends on the Mercy of God. Ours Prayers & response to the coming chastisements … Pedro Regis, (1985 Brazil, to the present day messages) … state quite clearly:
    “We have many HARD years ahead of us…” (the ‘hard’ has not started yet)! The’ beginning of sorrows’ (Mt 24) is just that — the BEGINNING!
    — So much prophecy is yet to be fulfilled! So much ….
    For persons to think it will be “all over in a few years” – are DELUDED!
    “We have many HARD years ahead of us…” Some of that will probably be in ‘captivity’ as was the prophet Daniel, under foreign powers.
    – Conversion is the only answer … but it will be only “over” for us – when we each individually die…. that is all that matters. That is God’s Divine Will….
    Blessed Be God!

  35. muffinpuffim

    Remember the solar eclipse that ran across our country 2 summers ago? There is to be another solar eclipse in 7 years from that one, but crisscrossing our country in the opposite way so that there will be a big “X” across our country. I think that is the time the Lord is giving to us to repent, but severe judgment can come during that time. I have a long list of unbelievers I pray for everyday! My heart grieves to see people so ignorant and living in sin. I would like more time!

  36. Kathleen G

    It appears by this post, that the President (and I know that some believers loath him) could be a type of restrainer. Sure, we know the enemy is still pressing forward with his plans (and some say with the President’s involvement), but it does seem, however, with President Trump in office, the enemy’s plans appear to have been slowed down a bit. I say this based upon the loud protests of many in Washington D.C. and in various places around the U.S.

  37. Sally Merrell

    SIX YEARS!!! Are you even kidding me??? I’ve already had one heart attack and heart surgery, don’t make me have another one. The sooner we get off this filthy demon possessed rock called planet earth, the happier I will be (and so will my heart.) Come quickly Lord Jesus and I really mean QUICKLY. . . . . like yesterday.

  38. Fred

    Thanks Ali, Blessings..

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