ON THE VERGE – Patti Young

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


January 21, 2023
Patti Young

The Lord spoke to me today and said we are on the verge of the end of time, the end of all things as they are known. The Lord said soon we shall have fellowship with him in the garden, a place of peace and fulfillment, a place the natural flesh of man has not yet known. He said I come for the faithful ones, the ones who’s lamps remain filled. Be of good cheer for the punishment for the wicked is near, their days shall soon come to an end, no longer will the wicked prosper or remain, for I shall cleanse the earth of all abominations to me, for the stench has reached far into my heavens. Blessed are those who shall remain faithful until the end, for your King will come in my glorified state and receive mine own unto me.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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