On the Run from the Chinese….But God Dream – Vicki Goforth Parnell

Soldiers of Chinese People’s Liberation Army 1st Amphibious Mechanized Infantry Division, July 12, 2011 (DOD/Chad J. McNeeley)

On the Run from the Chinese….But God Dream

April 28, 2022
Vicki Goforth Parnell


This dream is a very personal one that I myself would have chosen not to share. But the Lord has instructed me to share it, because it does show how he is able to take care of one of his own. This is the 4th type of warning dream I have had about myself like this.

The name of my overseas friend has been changed by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Please pray about all these things and realize that our God is more than capable of taking care of whatever situation we are in. Thank you and God bless. Stay under the blood of Jesus always.

On the Run from the Chinese….But God Dream 3/20/22@7:19AM


You gave me another dream Jesus, and Oh wow!
It begins when I find myself in a dark room asleep. Suddenly I jolt straight up in the bed as I hear my lovely Jesus say urgently to me. “Get up, get up, Daughter of Faith, get up now!!!”

My heart is racing and the adrenaline is flowing. “What is it, Jesus, I cry out, “as I am struggling with the covers that has entangled my legs? But I am unsuccessful in my attempts to detangle myself. I lean over to turn my lamp on beside my bed, and find that when I turn the knob on, I have no light, no power.

I reach for the flashlight that my lovely Jesus had instructed me to buy, and always keep by my bed. I switch the flashlight on and I am relieved when the warm light’s beam floods my room. “Why no light Jesus,” I ask hurriedly? “They have found you, my daughter. The enemy is here. You must flee quickly,” Jesus says to me. “Do I have time to get changed out of my nightgown,” I ask him? “No Daughter of Faith, you do not!”

I jump out of my bed, flashlight in hand, and covers tossed onto the floor. I head to the wide picture window I knew in this dream I had installed just in case something like this were to happen.

I realize now that I am in the back bedroom of what appears to possibly be a single wide trailer. I have the feeling in this dream that the Holy Spirit has warned me to hide myself away, and this is why I’m here. I fumble with the lock on the window and I began crying out to Jesus to help me, when I hear the front door opening. I make one more try for the lock and it won’t budge.

I have to hide, but where? I quickly dive behind the left side of the bed, opposite from the window, my body in a huddle there in the dark, praying, praying desperately for Jesus to help me! I hear what sounds like two people entering into the trailer. Now I’m hearing low muffled voices. Men, it sounds like two men.

I can tell by the footsteps that at least one of the men is heading down the hallway toward the bedroom. “Jesus, oh sweet Jesus, please help me!” I hear a man’s voice whisper and call me by name. “Vicki! Daughter of Faith, are you here?” I didn’t move. I have the flashlight in my hand and it’s the only physical weapon I have.

I see the man’s flashlight’s beam the he’s carrying coming around the bed. I’ve been found! “Jesus, help me,” I cry out! The man’s light reaches my huddled body and then he lifts up to my face. Panic rises up inside me. “Jesus, help me please…. but nevertheless, let your will be done,” I pray fervently.

The man is dressed in dark blue jeans and a dark, long sleeve blue pullover shirt. He drops down to one knee and speaks softly, but gently. “Vicki, Daughter of Faith, I’m here to help you. You’ve got to get out of here. Your location has been compromised and they’re only minutes behind!”
“Who… who is coming,” I ask still unsure of this man? “Chinese soldiers, Vicki, Chinese!!!” “How did they find me? Who are you anyways,” I ask the man once my mind begins working again? “There’s not much time. We’ve got to get you out the window,

Daughter of Faith! I am a friend of your contact, your friend from overseas brother Richard.” “You’re a friend of brother Richard,” I ask as hope begins flooding into my heart. “Yes, Vicki, now let’s get you out of here,” the man replies quickly!

As he is helping me off of the floor in the darkness with only his flashlight giving light, I ask, “Why are the Chinese looking for me?” “It’s not only the Chinese, Vicki, but also the Russians, but it looks like the Chinese have found you first.” “But why? Has war begun on our nation’s soil? Have they attacked America,” I ask trying to process all I am hearing? “Not yet,” the man replies.

The man is now trying to get the window unlocked when the other man enters, dressed in black pants, black shirt and a black toboggan. He is a black man and he’s speaking urgently. “Steve, they’re almost here! Ralph says, they’ve turned down this road after cutting her power supply.”

The man who I now know is named Steve, looks at the window and then I hear him say, “In the name of Jesus, I command you to open!” The window unlocks and slides open with ease. “Why are they after me,” I ask as he begins helping me through the window?
“Because you have been exposing and sharing their hidden, secret plans to the world! The Intel’s chatter is they are coming after you to find out how you know such things. They want to stop you before they launch their attacks, and then the invasion, and they don’t want you sounding the alarm!”

I land softly on the ground below. I can hear the sound of vehicles in the distance coming up the road that led to my little hidden trailer. “Run,” the man named Steve yells softly. “Run into the woods, and hide at the waterfall!” “What about you,” I ask as I turn to run? “Daughter of Faith, we are in the Lord Jesus’ army. We will do what we must to give you time to get to safety,” the man replies hurriedly!
Tears are streaming down my face as I take off running into the woods that is located next to the trailer. “Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, my dear friend, what do I do? Where do I hide,” I ask, as the rough ground begins hurting my bare feet?

“You run Daughter of Faith. Run as fast as you can until you get to the old waterfall. Remember the waterfall that I led you to?” “Yes, Holy Spirit, I do.” “Oh, Jesus, please help me,” I pray as my breathing becomes heavy from all the running, I am doing. “Almost there,” I whisper out loud to myself.

“STOP, Daughter of Faith,” I hear Holy Spirit say to me in an urgent voice! Immediately, I stop! I hear gunshots being exchanged and tears once again stream down my face. “Jesus, what am I to do now? Holy Spirit just told me to stop and I hear gunshots? They’re probably killing those men who aided me!”
I hear my sweet Jesus voice say, “My little daughter, I am here with you. Holy Spirit has not led you astray. See, you are close, now! You must walk now on only the rocks so that your footprints cannot be traced.” “Oh, I understand. Forgive me, Holy Spirit,” I say softly! “I do, Daughter of Faith. Now you must walk carefully so as not to leave a trail.”

I can hear the sound of the waterfall before it comes into view. I still have my flashlight, my one sole possession, but I dare not turn it on, in case it might be seen by the Chinese people that I’m sure by now have started searching for me, because the exchange of gunfire only lasted for a few minutes.
“Okay, Holy Spirit, I am at the waterfalls,” I say as I stare at the flowing water shining in the moonlight. “Circle around carefully to the left side, to the two spruce trees right next to the waterfall’s edge that are connected and twisted together at the top portion,” Holy Spirit says.

“Okay, I’m here, but I don’t see anything,” I say in surprise! “Daughter of Faith, get down on your knees and crawl between the two trees that are joined at the top and enter the side of the waterfall. There you will find a hidden cave,” I hear my friend Holy Spirit say.

“I’ll get wet,” I say as I realize I have no other clothes, but my nightgown that only comes down to my knees and my undergarments. “Daughter of Faith, you must do it and hurry! The Chinese soldier are almost upon you! If you do not obey, you will be caught! You cannot afford to hesitate again,” Holy Spirit says urgently!!!

With these words of warning, I fall to my knees and begin crawling between the two trees. I can hear voices, strange voices in the distance. I plunge into the left side of the waterfall, flashlight still in hand, and enter into the opening about the size of a tent. I look at the back of the cave and can somehow see dimly it expands further and is now a good-size room.

The water has soaked my gown and I am beginning to feel the cold as it chills my body. I hear the sound of a blast of wind and ask, “Holy Spirit, are you doing that?” “I am. I am blowing away the evidence of your entering into the falls.”

Somehow, over the roar of the waterfall, I can hear voices, Chinese voices. I know it is my lovely Jesus who has given me the ability to hear supernaturally over the noisy roar of the water. Also, I know they’re speaking Chinese, yet I was able to understand them.

“Sir, we have lost her trail. It’s like all traces of her have been wiped away,” I hear a man say. This man continues. “People say she walks with the God Jesus.”

“The only God in this world is our leader Xi Jinping! Do you want me to report to him that we lost the target, because her God Jesus wiped away all traces of her escape,” I hear another man who I know is the leader ask? “No, Sir.!” “Keep looking,” the other man says sharply!

I can hear the soldiers as they spread out to search the woods for me. If I close my eyes then I am able to see the soldiers are dressed in dark green colored uniforms. They didn’t even bother to disguise who they are in the dream.

Soon it became quiet. “Jesus…. Holy Spirit,” I ask questioningly. “Is it safe?” “Not yet! Do not speak my little daughter,” I hear my lovely Jesus say cautiously. By now I am shaking from the cold, huddling on one side of the cave entrance, and yes, I am still holding my trusty flashlight.

“Report,” I hear the Chinese leaders say, and I stiffen and freeze! He sounds like he is right near the waterfall’s hidden entranceway! “Flashlight,” I hear him yell. “Oh Jesus,” I say as I quote Psalms fifty-six, verse three to myself. “What time I am afraid I will trust him thee.”

A tear slides down my cheek as I pray silently to my lovely Jesus to not let them discover the entrance. Then I hear another Chinese soldier speak. “Sir, I don’t think there’s anything here. Besides the only way to cross the waterfall is on this left side, because there’s rocks on the right. Also, it has these twisted trees in the way. There’s no way for anyone to get between them. It’s too narrow for even a child to get through them!”

“What,” I exclaim to myself in my mind. I have just crawled through them and I am definitely bigger than a child, but I hold myself still and continue to listen intently. I hear a string of very explicit curse words come from the Chinese soldier who I know is in charge in this dream.

“Sir,” I hear a different soldier say. “What is it,” the Chinese leader asks tersely? “The utility company is reported to be on its way to investigate the power outage,” the man says. “I thought they had been taken care of,” said the Chinese leader. The other soldier responded, “They received their $20,000, but our contact has been put out of commission due to an unexpected appendicitis attack and reports says he is in surgery now.”

I hear another string of curses, and then the Chinese leader gives the command to “Fall in” and they retreat to their vehicles. I can hear their footsteps as they begin leaving and I let out a long sigh of air. It is only then that I realize I have been holding my breath this whole time.

As I untense my body, my teeth start to chatter and I’m shaking from the cold, but I am thankful and so very grateful to my lovely Jesus and Holy Spirit, my precious, dear friend! I’m still cautious though about moving in case any of the Chinese soldiers have been left behind as a lookout.

“Daughter, daughter.” “I’m here Jesus,” I answer between my teeth chattering. “Daughter of Faith,” he says softly, “They’re gone! You can turn on your flashlights you are holding in your hand.” “My flashlight,” I say. Oh yes, I had all but forgotten my trusty flashlight, which just so happens to be waterproof, something the Holy Spirit had strongly prompted me to buy when I was trying to purchase a less expensive one.

It turns on immediately and its beam pierced into the darkness of the cave’s insides. I let out a small gasp. Here, inside this cave is what looks like emergency supplies! Tears begin once again to roll down my face. I see also a shelf on the right wall further towards the back, and next to it is a lantern hanging on a wooden beam nearby.

It appears to be an oil Lantern. “There must be a lighter or matches,” I say out loud and I stand up for the first time since I had crawled into here. As I stood up, I can feel my wet gown, still heavy from, the water from the waterfall which causes my gown to clean to my cold body. Still, I have to see if I can locate something to light the lantern.

Then I notice when I shine my light back again to the shelf, there is what appears to be a metal box. “Matches,” I thought and I walk over and grab the little metal airtight box. Yes, there are two boxes of matches inside, kept safe from the dampness by the plastic shrink wrap around each and the metal box’s shielding!

“Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, thank you” I say out loud, never so happy to see a box of matches and a lantern as I am right now. I strike a match and it goes out quickly. “Oh no,” I say, “in Jesus” name you will light! Jesus, my sweet Savior, you didn’t bring me this far and provide all these things for these matches not to work! That’s not the kind of God you are!”

I strike another match and this one lights. I hold it to the lantern’s wick and it roars to life. Brightness floods the cave’s room. I look around noticing several large containers with each one having a label.

I see food. Another says drinks, medical supplies, sleeping bag, clothes…clothes! “Wait a minute,” I say and rush to the one marked clothes and quickly unlock the clamp style clasp. It opens easily and they’re inside is an assortment of clothes from thermal underwear to sweatshirts and pants.
I grab a set of the sweatpants and sweatshirt and quickly remove my clingy, wet gown. I don on the dry clothes and immediately begin feeling the warmth seep into my body. I dig deeper into the container and find warm socks and at the bottom is a pair of nice white tennis shoes. I quickly put the socks and shoes on and although the shoes are a little big on my feet, they never felt better.

My stomach begins to rumble and I realize I haven’t eaten since yesterday morning. I knew in the dream I have been fasting as I do each day in reality. I look at the containers, but then I realize that even with the dry clothes, I can still feel the cold.

“Check the container labeled “sleeping bag,” I hear my lovely Jesus speak to me in an audible voice. “Oh, Okay, sweet Jesus. Thank you. I will.” I reach and open the container and there beside the sleeping bag, is a silver mylar blanket. “Oh, Jesus, Thank you. Thank you,” I said with a thankful and grateful heart.
I grab the mylar blanket and quickly wrap it around my shoulders and I hold it closed with my left hand as I raise my right hand, in praise to my lovely Jesus for meeting my needs, especially in an impossible situation in my eyes.

After I finish worshiping and praising my lovely Jesus, the thought enters my mind, “Wait a minute! How did all this stuff get here? God, you choose to use people, but you can also do things miraculously. Oh, and by the way, how come the two trees at the cave entrance are too small for any of them to enter this cave, yet, I was able to pass through them easily enough? I mean, the opening is big enough for someone to push these containers through, unless there’s another entrance or you spoke them into existence inside this cave!”

“I think you used somebody or else my shoes would have been a perfect fit instead of a loose fit. Did you push the trees together,” I ask? “No, Daughter of Faith, the trees are still exactly as they had been when you passed through them. But I did put a veil over their eyes of all that looked in which they saw two trees sitting close together.”

“You amaze me, God! Sweet Jesus, you are so awesome. But wait…. then how did all these supplies get here? Was it you or by men?” “It was by me, Daughter Faith. It was by me using man to aid you.” “Who is it,” I ask wondering who could it be that will listen and heed to God’s instructions so closely? “Lovely Jesus, won’t you tell me who my help is from,” I ask softly?

“Daughter of Faith, if you will open the food container there, inside you will find an envelope with all the information you need to know.” “Thank you! Thank you, Jesus.” I start to walk over to the food container then pause and ask, “Jesus, may I get the envelope now and see what’s inside?” “Please, Daughter of Faith, please do.”

I hurry over to the container and unlock the clasp as I had done to the one prior. It opens easily. There on top of all the various food products, is a large yellow envelope that bulges from all the items inside. There, in a bold handwriting, is my name Vicki Goforth Parnell. My hands tremble. I recognize this handwriting, but this would be impossible. I flip it over and unfold the metal clasp on the back of the envelope.

The first thing I pull out is another handwritten envelope with my name on it. As I do this, an item falls onto the cave floor from where I am standing over the container. I reach down and pick it up. It is an elegant handmade writing pen.

Tears fill my eyes; I know who all this is from now before I even open this envelope. That’s when I notice also inside the first envelope is a book to journal in. “Oh Jesus,” I cry, “you know how important it is for me to capture on paper all your beautiful words you speak to me!”

I sit down on the cave’s dirty floor and begin slowly opening the smaller envelope. There, inside is a handwritten letter from my dear brother Richard from overseas who God has brought us together. He has written that the Holy Spirit has warned him months ago that America’s enemies, Russia and China would come after me, but he didn’t know which would find me first. He has been instructed by the Holy Spirit to say nothing, not even to me.

In the dream, I realize this is about the time I had to go into hiding, but still managed by various mean, to be able to keep warning about all our lovely Jesus was revealing to me. He had contributed to helping me financially as well as helping me locate the hidden forgotten trailer. All this I knew somehow in the dream.

He began to tell me that he has “friends” who are secretly watching out for me and if I am reading this letter, then they have succeeded in their task. My heart becomes both happy and sad. I am happy that God has warned my friend and he has been obedient and now I am safe. But at what cost?

He is the only one who knew where I was. Not even my best friend of over 30 years knew, because to let her know would have possibly put her and her family in jeopardy. Yet, I know in my mind and heart, they can’t be touched unless God somehow allows it. Regardless, I have told no one, but brother Richard and I told him because he was located overseas. This is mainly because this is how my lovely Jesus instructed me to do so.

This means that the “friends” has to be Steve and the other men at the trailer, who are all probably dead by now! I draw in a heavy breath and blow it out quickly. I feel the Holy Spirit’s comforting presence. I read further this letter.

It says Steve has arranged for all the supplies that brother Richard has requested and because of the advanced notice from our lovely Jesus, he has been able to send the personal letter, the handmade pen as well as the journal.

I open the journal and their inside is as handwritten message, also from Brother Richard’s hand. It says, “Never stop talking, writing, or sharing your words from our lovely Jesus!”

I begin crying and sobbing. “Jesus, thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for the real friends you have placed inside my inner circle. What happens next,” I ask? “Daughter of Faith you open to the back page of this journal, and you will find instructions on how to get to safety. The man, Steve, sounded the alarm, so all involved will know from this date when to be where. Follow these instructions and Holy Spirit shall lead you safely to a new location.”

“And then what,” I ask? “Then Daughter, you keep warning! You cry out loud the warnings I give. There are many to reach still, and many more who are unsaved.” “I will, Jesus! I will with your help and in your name! I can do nothing on my own. But if you tell me to keep warning, then I shall do so. And if it costs me my life, that’s okay. I’m ready to spend my eternity with you right now.”

“I know little daughter for I look into your heart often. I know the true love you hold for me.” “Jesus, my love. You are my everything.” “Daughter of Faith, just as you are to me. Now eat something to regain some of your strength, and we shall talk some more.”

“I would love this Jesus!”

As I begin digging through the food container, this dream begins to fade. Just before it totally fades, I hear myself quote Philippians 4: 19 “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

Then I awake!


Job 13: 15 Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him.

Psalms 56: 3 What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.

2 Samuel 22:2 And he said, The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer;

Psalms 34: 4 I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

Psalms 147:5 Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite.

Psalms 7:10 My defence is of God, which saveth the upright in heart.

Psalms 139:1-5
1 O lord, thou hast searched me, and known me.
2 Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising, thou understandest my thought afar off.
3 Thou compassest my path and my lying down, and art acquainted with all my ways.
4 For there is not a word in my tongue, but, lo, O Lord, thou knowest it altogether.
5 Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

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