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ON-JAÍR-JASER – Mensajero Humberto Rábago


January 16, 2021 5:18 PM
Mensajero Humberto Rábago

God bless you dear brother, my man is Humberto Rábago and I am from Mexico from the City of Saltillo Coahuila and I do not speak English although my wife does. So I’m using Google translator to write to him. Recently the Lord took me to know what he is talking about through his page, I am grateful and I give glory to God. On the other hand, I felt I share with you a very revealing dream of my 12-year-old son. This dream reveals some of the work that we will be doing for our Lord on the appointed day. Be blessed in the name of Jesus.
Here is the dream:

My son’s dream

I want to share with all of you a dream that my son had on July 25, 2020 approximately.

This is the dream and how he explained it to me.

I saw myself walking through an open place, like a forest and suddenly I appeared in the sky. Being in heaven I understood that the rapture had already happened. I was in a place like a VERY LARGE TEMPLE, it was very beautiful, there were pearly white columns throughout the place. In front was a large throne and I didn’t see anyone sitting on it. I saw a red carpet that reached up to the throne and had something golden on its banks.
Also an angel was in front of me, very tall about five meters tall, he had blond hair and blue-green eyes, he wore a white robe and had huge wings, his wings were bigger than the angel himself.
The angel after a while in front of me, stretched his hand towards me and a red diamond was in his hand, then he gave me these instructions:
Go to the concentration camps and take them to your base, where your family is, but only take the ones with a red diamond floating above their heads, but first take the children, then you take the youngsters then the adults and the final elders. Then he said: Go.

When I took the diamond, it melted and began to run all over my arm, then all over my body, especially my legs giving a lot of strength to run.
Then he gave me like a bracelet that I put on my wrist, I turned my wrist to see it and a map of the whole world appeared, I could move it, it was like a hologram.
In a moment later I appeared on earth again, carrying the bracelet with me. I ran and appeared in a totally unknown place and there were many buildings, it was like a US city, it was not like the ones in Mexico where we live. The buildings were destroyed and there were few people walking, but there were also people lying dead on the floor. I was very scared by what I saw and ran again, then I appeared in another place, looked at the map and saw that there was a building in front of me, I still couldn’t see it but the map indicated it. Then I looked at a screen on my map that said: MISSION: GO AND RESCUE THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE THE RED DIAMOND AND TAKE THEM TO YOUR BASE, RUN LITTLE.

I ran a little as the mission said and at the entrance of the place there were many soldiers, there were also inside and outside very thick walls, as well as in a barbed fence, they were all well armed, I walked in front of them and as I passed them I went sleeping all falling to the ground. I found myself facing a high wall with a width of approximately four meters.
A voice inside me told me: go back a little bit, take flight because you are going to cross the wall. I drew back a little bit, took flight and ran through the wall.
When I went through the wall I saw many people in isolation, they saw me and were impressed. Without saying anything, I began to take the children who had the red diamond, I took two on each arm, I was not my normal size, half two meters ten centimeters tall.
I saw several women giving birth in the place, the children when they left had the red diamond on their heads and some of the mothers did not have the diamond, which caused me a lot of sadness.
When I took the first ones, these were three and two year old children, they cried and their mothers tried to stop me from taking them but they could not stop me.
I ran and as in five seconds I reached the base and at the base I met my family, my father was receiving all the people he was carrying. I saw that My older sister Dasha who was running the place, she was giving instructions to my sister Mine. My sister Mia also gave instructions to other people, who also had different powers like me.
I did this many times, I managed to bring approximately more than two thousand people, in that place there were about two hundred thousand.
Every time I left the base, I said to my dad: I’M COMING, I’M COMING.

A pastor who was among the people, who seemed familiar to me, recognized me and told the people not to worry, that the children would be better off with him.
Some people who didn’t have the red diamond told me to take them with me but I didn’t, I wasn’t allowed to.
On one of the times when I returned to the concentration camp, I saw how many soldiers were alarmed because they had realized what was happening, and they began to take people to kill them at the guillotines, there were about a hundred people who were They carried them, they all had the red diamond on them, I went to the guillotines and when they were about to fall on people’s necks, time stopped, I saw many clocks on the walls that stopped and people remained without moving. I went to the guillotines, took their heads out of the holes and took all the people to the bases, all that he did while time was stopped.

I remember that the base was camouflaged, it was impossible to see it from the outside, a giant bubble covered it and did not allow it to be seen, it made it see transparent.
I also remember that my map indicated that there were many concentration centers, where I went, my map marked it in green and the others were gray. Another thing I remember is that the people who were in the fields were of many nationalities, I knew it because on their shirts in front they said the country they were from.

End of dream

My son told me that he had been dreaming that same dream for some time, he was about a year old and he never wanted to tell us until this last time he had it.

Today my son is twelve years old, when my wife became pregnant, we prayed to the Lord to tell us the name that she wanted to give him. In a little while, in a whole night, my wife repeatedly heard these words ON-JAÍR-JASER, ON-JAÍR-JASER, ON-JAÍR-JASER. She woke up with those words in her mind but she didn’t know anything for many months. About two or three weeks before my son was born, we didn’t have her name yet and she remembered what she heard, she looked up the words on the internet, the surprise was that they were biblical names and their meaning was even more surprising.


The Lord showed us that these names are by sign and as an omen for the end-time army.


The Lord has told us about an army that He is raising with these characteristics, this remnant group of men and women is the one that God has designated to raise THE GREAT HARVEST in a time of great darkness. This group of Elite will also be operating after the rapture coming down from heaven each day to go to the people left behind and encourage them to endure to the end and be saved. They will operate with the POWER and FORCE of Jesus, these are torches that WILL ILLUMINATE in the midst of so much darkness, they are the RIGHTEOUS of God and will not be CORRUPTED for nothing, there is nothing in this world that can seduce them. They love to please and give glory to the one who appointed them as LEADERS OF THE END TIME, they will go to the front of the battle doing great feats facing Pharaoh and ordering him to let go of the BRIDE OF CHRIST.

Mensajero Humberto Rábago

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