Old Boots Dirty Souls – Olasubomi Williams

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Old Boots Dirty Souls

April 17, 2024 3 43 PM
Olasubomi Williams
Matthew 5:31-32, Proverbs 1, 2:15-20, 5, Matthew 19:9, Proverbs 7:6-27, Leviticus 18, Isaiah 3:13-24, 4:1, Genesis 38:1-30

Words of the Adon YAHUAH
To the wayward women all over the globe. I YAHUAH your most high speaks to you. You all have been possessed by the spirit of Jezebel and you destroy and corrupt the lives and the soul of Adam by your fornications and waywardness. You destroy my image and tempt them to destruction. Many of you are being used by the devil to corrupt the lives of men and I will judge you harshly. Through your fornications and adultery you cause the mind of men to become perverse and you destroy my temples with you lewdness. I will recompense says the Adon YAHUAH.

I have words against many of the only fans girls and prostitutes roaming around the streets professing proudly your sins. Are you proud of yourselves? Do you not feel shame on calling yourselves whores? Are you not satisfied? Why do you belittle your fellow brothers and sisters when you yourselves are not whole. Many of you carry many insecurities and rather than changing your lifestyle to become better, you go even further to destroy the soul of men. Your souls are filthy to me. You serve the devil your father and do his bidding. I will cut you off from my inheritance. No prostitute or harlot will enter my Kingdom.

If you come against this prophet, this messanger, I will come against you in judgement. I will bring many of you to the dust
In your high places, you shall be humbled. You traded the beauty that I gave to you for worldly treasures and you cause the mind of men to become perverse. You allow dirty men with filthy souls to run through you and defile your temple and you continually mock men in your foolishness and pride. I will bring down your pride and make you eat dust. You will work and toil and you will not even have enough to eat bread. I will take away from you your beauty and your lewdness, and bragging, I will replace it with shame. In that day, the same men you belittle and mock to scorn will be the ones you will beg for food for your survival. I am the lord YAH. Eve will never replace Adam. Forever till the end of time she shall be subservient to him.

That is how I have made it and it is so.
To the so called feminist. I have evil words to say about you. I will destroy all of the works of your hands. I will send you over to satan for the destruction of your flesh. To those who support the feminist movement. Those who support that movement will never see my Kingdom. The movement is a communistic and a Marxist movement support by the enemies of man. You all that are showing support for this movement will never ever see my Kingdom. Come out of it now and repent if you don’t want to burn in hell fire. Come to me now in humility and repentance and let me change you from the inside.

Daughters of men. Go on a three days fasting and prayer for me to weed out the abundance of sins and soul ties you have attached yourselves to. Seek me in tears and repentance and proclaim that you will never go back into your former ways again. To those who are obedient, they shall receive their reward in me. To those who are disobedient, they shall be punished with the sword.

I will bring down that evil website only fans and pornhub that have ensnared the hearts of many of my children, my Adam who are in this platform, come out of it at once and repent. Else, I will judge you with the same punishment that I judge theses prostitutes on the internet. The rise of pornography and sex causes the downfall of a nation. This was how ancient Rome and Babylon was taken down. Many of the daughters of men are worn out of wears so much that they cannot pair bond with their partner. Rather than keeping themselves for their husbands, they sleep with every person that is male and wonder why they feel so insecure and extremely lustful. The passion of the jezebel spirit burns in you like an ever growing flame consuming you until you become completely desolate. Some even go as far as to sleep with people other than their marital spouse. This is why many men divorce their wives and because this is a satanic system, the men end up losing and they end up in bondage of a system meant to destroy the humanity of men.

Daughters of men, soon all you are enjoying now will come to an end. Put an end to your harlotry. The wealth and abundance you enjoy now will soon come to an end. Soon, as a punishment to your disobedience, you will beg for scraps by the same men you abhore and you will compete with other like you for such. Many of you will attempt to cleave to one man but your requests will be denied. Soon, you will realise that not all that glitters are gold. These are the words of your heavenly father YAHUAH. Shalom.

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