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Oh you wicked generation – Jameulyn Tyner

Oh you wicked generation | Oh America

2019/11/24 at 2:11 PM
Jameulyn Tyner

This was giving to me back on 11/17/2019 at 8:05pm to 9:15pm. I was praying and in the Spirit when I heard this message. I was told today from the Lord to release it after several days of praying about it.

My daughter write these words:
Oh you wicked generation. Oh you wicked generation. You are the last generation. You are a wicked and evil generation. You are just like your father Lucifer. You are such an evil and wicked generation. You take pleasure in your sins and living in the darkness. The wickedness’ and the evil that is in your hearts is manifesting on the outside for all to see. My children I know you can see it because I hear your prayers over this. This wicked generation is so much like their father Lucifer: so evil, so proud, so arrogant, so selfish, and so wanting to be like ME, The Most High. I will cut you down and judge you accordingly to MY Righteousness. The stench of your sins and abominations make me want to puke. Your stench has reached my heavenly throne room. Some of you think I am a game and others refused to see and believe in I, the Most High, The Great I Am. I sent my son to the world not to condemn but to save by His death and resurrection. This generation would rather spit in my Son face than to repent and admit they need a savior. No this generation thinks it can save themselves without my Son. Others believe Lucifer they can be me and exalt themselves and be like the Most High. Oh how foolish you are. No one including Lucifer has the power to exalt themselves over Me, The Great I AM. Oh you wicked generation your punishment for your sins and evil doings will be nothing less then what you deserve. Repent now! Repent now! Repent now! Repent now or you will go through a punishment far worse than what I gave to Sodom and Gomorra.

Oh America I the Great I Am hasn’t forgotten about you. Your stench of sins and abominations has reached my Heavenly throne room and is in my nose. America you will pay the most serve for your sins and abominations. America the land that once was shall be no more. I no longer protect you. I have taken down my hedge and blessings from you. I was the one that lifted America as a great nation, not you but I the Great I Am. America you once loved me as your God but you do not any longer. It would have been better for you if you had never known me. America you had been warned repeatedly to turn back to me and repent and I would heal you and your land, but you have not and refuse to. America you mock me and you mock my son. America you mock my words and my children. America for your sins and abominations and all your crimes you have been judged by ME. America I destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for a lot than what you have been doing. Prepare America for your downfall. America the great will be great no more. America your enemies are already among you. Prepare for major disasters, war on your land, famine, saying good bye to your economy, marshal law and civil unrest you thou see. America get ready the mark of the beast and the one world government you shall see and yes you will see percussion on your land. Say goodbye to your freedoms and all you hold dear. Oh America you will not be singing anymore. America such pride, arrogance, and selfness you are. We’ll see if you still that same tune once I bring you down. You forget America, I AM the one that lifts nations and I AM the one that brings them down. America get ready your fall as already started and you don’t even see it. You are so blind and foolish America. America you had been warned repeatedly now you will feel My Judgment and Wrath.

My children in America.
Don’t you worry and have faith. I know who you are and I have not forgotten you. I know my children that exist in America. I the Great I am have not forgotten you. Remember what I said: Fear not! For I am with you. I promised you I would not leave nor forsake you. I am with you until the very end. Have faith my children. Stay in constant pray and repent through out your day. Plead my Blood over you through the day daily. I will protect and shelter you under my wings. Always remember Psalms 91. Do not be afraid for I Am with you. Remember my children I love you more than anyone with an everlasting love. Look up my children your redemption is drawing near.

I will see you soon, sooner than you think and sooner than you realize.
I love you
Yeshua Hamashiach



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