Oh, My Child – Until That Glorious Day

Oh, My Child

March 18, 2021 9:36 AM
Until That Glorious Day

Received March 18, 2021

Oh, Lord, you have poured me out like water. There is nothing left of me. I am dry and alone. My heart will blow away like dust.

Oh, my Child, you are despised and rejected by this wicked world. You are abandoned by a filthy church. You think your life is gone, but I see you, my Child. You are safe in my hand. Don’t let your heart despair. You are close to me. You are in the shadow of my wing.

This time of waiting has produced in you something you can’t see yet, but you soon will. You will see the judgement of the wicked. In that day, you will rise up with a sword in your hands, that has been forged in the fire of bitter travail. Your sword will crush many heads. You will be in wonder and rejoice in the Lord, your Savior. You will not fear. You will not be disappointed. You will see recompense. You will be delivered unto life. They will be delivered unto death. You will know my Glory. They will know my fury. You will know joy, oh, child much pained, and they will know it never again. Those who have rejected my Words and despise my warnings will suffer for their own choices. They will be the dust under your feet and you will see that the ways of the wicked are held to account. I see all. I hear all. I reward all according to their deeds.

Romans 2:6


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