Oh Jerusalem – Patti Young

Oh Jerusalem

Dec 11, 2019 5:47 AM
Patti Young

Oh Israel, the city on a hill, the dwelling of my people, where they will keep refuge. Oh Jerusalem how I have wept and prayed for you, that your time would come. Oh how I have honored and loved you. Mine, my beloved, whom is like none other. The city on a hill, my light and my glory shall shine through you. Come now I say, come, let us dine on the flesh of our enemies. Let us declare and see the sword of Truth that has brought down the mighty and the ones who sit up high and now say no harm shall come nigh us. Come oh my beloved oh Israel, the swords have now begun to be drawn from their shieves, the sword I shall DECLARE by my mouth Jehovah, shall now bring down mine enemies below. For they shall no longer say where is your God, the Holy one of Israel, for I shall now say and deliver my word to say these things, I ALONE SHALL COME AND AVENGE THESE, MINE THAT THEIR ENEMIES HAVE SOUGHT TO DEVOUR! Come my little ones, abide under my covering and my safety until my indignation runs through.”


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