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Oh Israel, Don’t You Understand? – Benjamin Christner

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Oh Israel, Don’t You Understand?

July 15, 2023 12:53 AM
Benjamin Christner

In the wee hours of the morning on October 28, 2019 I was laying in bed. I was feeling sad because my wife and I were so busy. We hardly had time to do anything together until we laid down in our bed at night - too tired to keep our eyes open. I asked God why He was doing this and then I understood that He wanted me to understand how He felt. I wept as the Spirit came over me and words started to come. I dictated them to my wife as I lay in the dark on my bed - just a few words at a time and she typed them into a note on my phone:

“Oh Israel, don’t you understand? I weep. I mourn. I howl. I have cherished you from the beginning.

Don’t you understand? Every blessing of My love I have prepared for you. Do you really think that My goal for you was to keep every law like a mountain on your back? Yes, I am a consuming fire. I do require obedience. But you have added mountains and mountains. You labor and strive all your waking hours. Yet I look into your eyes and I see only an acquaintance.

Where is your love for Me? Do you really think I have no heart? While you labor and strive to obey every detail, I weep in the shadows. I long for the day when I look into your eyes, and I know that you see Me. How long shall I mourn? How long must I wait with My broken heart, as My plans for you become a long lost memory?

Oh the glorious plans for us together, when you become My Bride and no longer My servant! How I long to caress you and heal you—to array you in splendor, to set you as the pinnacle of My creation!

You think you know Me. Yet you don’t know why I weep. You work and labor and declare that I am happy. It is I who give you strength to do My work. It is My Spirit that instructs you in how to please Me. Yet you have no time to sit at My feet. I have been waiting far too long. I have become nothing but an ornament in the corner to justify how you please yourself.

At My feet you find rest and pleasure. There is joy unspeakable, where you commune with My Spirit. In My presence there is plenty. But you work and strive, and only find want, as you dutifully obey Me. But I have wept till My eyes are dry. I have waited to despair. As you, My Bride, wear yourself out.

Oh Israel, you are My bride. I have created you, and I have declared that I will possess you. I will humble you. I will cease all your work. I will wrap you in My bands. I will remove everything that can distract you from Me. Then we will talk, you and I—until you know Me. You will know My heart exactly. You will trust Me completely. And you will love Me as I love you.

And oh, what beauty I will array you with! It will astonish you. The nations will wonder at it. You see, I will share MY beauty with you. No longer will you strive and want, because I will prosper everything you do.

You will have time to stop and listen to Me as I teach you for all eternity of My beauty and glory. Then My light will be bright within you. The nations will no longer mock you because in your eyes they will see ME. They will see perfect love in all it’s beauty and revel in it. I will pleasure in their praise as My righteousness flows like a river to heal them.

You will instruct them of My Law, and they will worship at it’s splendor. No more will My judgments be mocked, because every eye will see Me in you. Every knee will bend before Me to worship Me – King of Kings and Lord of Lords.”

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Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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