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Oh Elijah’s come forth for the deliverance of my people is nigh – Patti Young

Oh Elijah’s come forth for the deliverance of my people is nigh

March 24, 2020
Patti Young

The Lord woke me up with a vision of fields of golden wheat with golden cords wrapped around each bundle, all glistening in fields with a beautiful gentle wind blowing on them, gently swaying to the breeze, and then he gave me this word.

“My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge. Just as the gentle rains are beginning to fall in my judgements, so is a gentle breeze beginning to fall upon my people, my spirit. Can you see the wind gently blowing? Can you see with the eyes by my spirit the fields are golden, ripe, getting ready to be harvested. Can you hear the voices of my Angel’s singing, saying oh come ye Emanuel?

Hurry the voices in the earth are crying out, hurry ye Sons of the Most High, come, appear, and deliver us from the evil one, free us by your might and your right hand of righteousness. Does not the entire earth, the world now wait for the coming of my mighty ones? Day is dawning now I say unto my people, listen as the days grow near for the appearing of my annointed ones, the harvest in the earth draws nigh.

Come, come away my beloved ones for I alone am the Saviour of all mankind. Oh, but the day of the appearance of the evil one also draws nigh, but I say unto my people, oh, but I AM the one who has all power over him. Power over sickness, disease and forgiveness of all mankind’s iniquities, power to heal and to deliver from among the chains that are binding and taking captive in the earth. Captivity in the natural to see, and captivity in the spiritual, that eyes of man cannot see.

Oh Elijah’s I call in my winds, come forth for the deliverance of my people is nigh, and the cries of my righteous ones and the wounded have reached my ears. Hope in Zion I say unto my people, let not your hearts be troubled, neither let your heart be afraid.

Take comfort I again say unto my bride, for your bridegroom is standing waiting at the door, and only my Father knows of the exact hour of my coming. Let not my people be destroyed by turning their ears unto the words of men and not believing in the power of my word.”

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  1. Catherine

    “Before Jesus came the first time, John the Baptist prepared the way. Before Jesus comes again an Army of prophets like Elijah will prepare the way.” this was told me from a messenger of God many years ago.
    The Elijahs will come soon but still not today or tomorrow. First musst the world and the church be more shaken.

  2. Anonymus

    I hope God calls his annointed ones very soon like the next days. They have been through and are in the great tribulation now. They are suffering greatly and have suffered for many many years. They have been through the greatest afflictions, persecutions and sufferings the world has ever seen. They are waiting and so longing for God to redeem them and to call them to their mission.

  3. A follower of Christ

    God’s army has made itself ready and is waiting for God’s call to arise. They have been waiting for that for such a long time in the greatest agony. They have been crucified with Christ. Their immense sufferings are so unbearable. They have been though the great tribulation ahead of all others. They had to experience ALL afflictions and sufferings which will happen to people in the great tribulation in order to help them and guide them through, just like Jesus went ahead of us to show the way.
    They are waiting still in the greatest sufferings and persecutions for God to deliver them and transform them to start their mission. I’m so hoping and longing that this day will be very very very soon.

  4. Hannah


    How do you know the the Elijah army will not appear the next days? They have been shaken until there was nothing left. They have washed themselves white in the fiery furnace of affliction and are now waiting for their assignment.

  5. Lisa


    Why do you believe God’s army will not appear now, the next days?
    These people know who they are, they have made themselves ready and are waiting for God’s call any moment. I myself don’t know when that day will be but I hope it will be in the next days. They are the ones who will help to bring in the harvest while the church and the rest of the world will be shaken. This Elijah army will do great exploits, they will do greater things than Jesus during the great tribulation. There are other prophecies which say that this army will arise now.
    God bless

  6. Catherine

    Hanna and Lisa, the judgement just begun. Coronavirus is still a small thing. It needs more to bring the world and the church to their knees. We are waiting, that the preaching of Elijahs will bring many people back to Jesus, not? but now people are not so far.
    The second thing: In the dream-vision I saw, that myself belonged to this army and I runned with the “sword” in my hand. I preached for many years, I was in 82 Nations, I know the spiritual situation of the countries, I can only say: it needs a little more. It’s coming, we musst have patience now.

  7. Lisa


    I don’t know for sure, but I believe that the Elija Army are the 144K. And they are prophets who will call down judgements, which will bring the people to their knees, that’s how they are going to prepare the way for Jesus. I also think that Jesus will come for these chosen group to redeem them as his firstfruits very soon. Then they are going to prepare the way for the second coming of Jesus when he will step on the mount of olives to collect his children who are still alive at this time.

  8. Nettie

    Oh, how I love it when people say we are not in tribulation. This is not bad yet.

    I am sarcastic, for those who missed my tone.

    Speak for yourself. Me and MY people have been in tribulation for 25 YEARS already. Going theough unthinkable persecution, tortures and death. Count yourslf lucky of you are not yet in tribulation, nor count it as great, or if the country or countries you are in is not. Mine is, have been and ARE.

    And also remember. God has MANY armies. People want to put all verses into ONE box. If you look at King David’s army, their was 288 000. The 144k is NOT one group, many. How many, only God knows. There’s a shiny army of Isaia. There’s a bride. There’s Jerusalem’s walls. There’s Josephs (providers of food) and Elijahs (calling down judgement) and Johns (paving the way). Etc. Many groups. Many people. Many functions. And believe it or don’t, but even countries will play certain rolls. Physical countries. Not necessarily a group consisting of people from all over the world that makes up a certain group, but people only from one physical location, one nation, one country.

    Whatever God showed each one in his or her dreams, is for YOU. EXCEPT if God very definately told you to share it as a Word to all. MY visions, showed me MY future, MY family’s future. I cannot share it, as it will not be true for others. Thats why some see they will be saved before war, others get visions of beheadings, others of much hardship. God has many, many, many different plans for different peoples, nations, groups, etc. Do not box Him up, do not prescribe what YOUR future is for others. Trust what He showed you as it is for YOU. Except where He very specifically said its for all.

  9. zac

    yea I would agree with you the the elijah army is the 144k. they will have the spirit of elijah and greater poured upon them and they will be transformed at the 3 DOD which probably will be at sixth seal and the stars falling from sky is metaphor for the transformation, raining upon us or the latterrain not sure but its my understanding. and also what im realizing is the the two witnesses are part of the 144k. hopefully theres more than 2..

    I do know this i have a feeling a big natural disaster is coming very soon either while were on lockdown or shortly after. whether it be the fiery kick off event in NY or a large earthquake or volcanic eruption.

  10. Joelina


    Many christians have been persecuted to the core, they are in and have been through great tribulations which brought them to their knees for years, some for decades. A lot of them can’t bear it any longer, it’s indescribable terrible and unbearable. These christians are the true christians who have surrendered their whole life to Jesus. They are suffering so greatly in the fiery furnace of affliction to get ready for Jesus. How can you say the judgements are not bad enough? You said you evangelized in 82 countries. How can that be without severe persecution? I live in Europe and there is great great great christian persecution. If you to the streets pray for people and heal the sick, you to jail for several years and they take your children away, because it’s a crime. I myself am so greatly persecuted, tormented and literally tortured in Europe, the government persecutes me and hunted me down, almost killed me. I can’t use publick services like the police, doctors, lawyers, social help, or anything. I lost my home because of severe persecution, the government took my money I earned in my job. I lost my job many years ago because of torture. My whole life was very terrible, my mom tried to kill and destroy and hated me since I was born. She tries to kill me and destroy so badly. I can’t describe what all happend to my life. I almost died so many times from the persecutions. My persecuters actually killed me, but God doesn’t allow me to die. I must suffer the greatest sufferings and must go on living in indescribable unbearable pain and agony. The persecution still didn’t stop. I reached a point where I can not go on any longer. I have nothing left to fight. I’m at the very end of myself. My life is completely hopeless and I’m only waiting for Jesus to come and rescue me finally. Believe me I’m on my knees crying out to Jesus day and night to stop that neverending nightmare. How can you say that’s not enough to bring people to their knees? Maybe you have not been persecuted yet and have not been brought to your knees yet, but others have and they are awaiting their redemption. These chistians have a clear calling which will start after their redemption, they ae waiting and longing for that every day.

  11. Raphael


    you are double minded. In other comments you said, you don’t belong to the annointed, mighty ones. You also said you don’t believe that Jesus is coming for his annointed ones and you are peparing to be persecuted and to be beheaded. Don’t be deceived. All true christians are persecuted severly. Just like my previous speaker said, the annointed ones have washed themselves white in the greatest misery and they are eagerly waiting for their redemption. They are also hidden ones, unknown names, not people who evangelize in the whole world. In other comments you also attacked and mocked christians for following Jesus to the cross and told them they are not ready for Jesus, because they are sleeping and don’t use their sword to fight against “God’s will, fight against all sufferings of the devil away. Now you are posting that you belong to the annointed ones and saw yourself running with the sword. Again I say don’t be deceived. You will also have to surrender your whole life to Jesus and enter through the cross into heaven. you will also have to go through the refining process. If you keep using your “sword” to fight against it, you will NEVER come to maturity and you won’t make it to heaven.
    God bless you

  12. Henry

    Joelina and Raphael,

    many people tried to tell Cathrine the truth. But she is igrorant, stiffnecked, stubborn and arrogant. She is blinded and delusional. She surly denied the coming of Christ for his people who have washed their garments white in the fiery furnace of affliction. She attacked and pierced these christians hearts. She mocked true prophets and runs after false prophets. She teaches a false gospel. She was never persecuted and knows nothing about suffering with Christ, instead she teaches that the persecution comes only in the last 7 year tribulation period. Now she claims to be one of the annointed ones because she had a vision of herself running with her sword. She is indeed running with her sword, attacking and piercing the annointed ones hearts. She also teaches that the annointed ones achive their annointing through works. She is unteachable. So be it. Let the blind lead the blind.

  13. Kenny

    this is so true. Some people think they are true Christians because they do many works. These are the ones who exalt themselves above others and scoff them, they also think they are the chosen ones, because of their works of evangelizing or a strong prayer life. These people don’t know God. How can they teach the gospel of Jesus Christ when they don’t follow him by sharing in his sufferings? It’s impossible. Some of them even think they are one of the annointed ones. They even deny the Rapture. Well, these people will be very shocked when they see Jesus coming and find themselves left behind. Like you said, so be it. That’s what they chose.

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