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Oh Elijah’s come forth for the deliverance of my people is nigh – Patti Young

Oh Elijah’s come forth for the deliverance of my people is nigh

March 24, 2020
Patti Young

The Lord woke me up with a vision of fields of golden wheat with golden cords wrapped around each bundle, all glistening in fields with a beautiful gentle wind blowing on them, gently swaying to the breeze, and then he gave me this word.

“My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge. Just as the gentle rains are beginning to fall in my judgements, so is a gentle breeze beginning to fall upon my people, my spirit. Can you see the wind gently blowing? Can you see with the eyes by my spirit the fields are golden, ripe, getting ready to be harvested. Can you hear the voices of my Angel’s singing, saying oh come ye Emanuel?

Hurry the voices in the earth are crying out, hurry ye Sons of the Most High, come, appear, and deliver us from the evil one, free us by your might and your right hand of righteousness. Does not the entire earth, the world now wait for the coming of my mighty ones? Day is dawning now I say unto my people, listen as the days grow near for the appearing of my annointed ones, the harvest in the earth draws nigh.

Come, come away my beloved ones for I alone am the Saviour of all mankind. Oh, but the day of the appearance of the evil one also draws nigh, but I say unto my people, oh, but I AM the one who has all power over him. Power over sickness, disease and forgiveness of all mankind’s iniquities, power to heal and to deliver from among the chains that are binding and taking captive in the earth. Captivity in the natural to see, and captivity in the spiritual, that eyes of man cannot see.

Oh Elijah’s I call in my winds, come forth for the deliverance of my people is nigh, and the cries of my righteous ones and the wounded have reached my ears. Hope in Zion I say unto my people, let not your hearts be troubled, neither let your heart be afraid.

Take comfort I again say unto my bride, for your bridegroom is standing waiting at the door, and only my Father knows of the exact hour of my coming. Let not my people be destroyed by turning their ears unto the words of men and not believing in the power of my word.”

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