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oh deceived nation

October 27, 2020 7:37 AM
Krystal Beall

America, harken unto me oh deceived nation. So DECEIVED are you. If you but knew the harrowing revelation that has occured on your soil you would weep, wail, howl and lament. Oh but you will. You will. I have warned ye oh nation. Warned without cease. Without respite. Pouring out my spirit upon all flesh. Your son’s and daughter’s receiving dreams and visions. I have pricked many in their hearts, staying up late, broken before me in the night and have risen up many sending them early.

Woe to America. Woe to you. Do you not understand? Can you not see? You are fallen. So fallen from me. It pains me to my core that America rejected me. It pains me to my core. It pains me that the nation is so defiled with sin. Where am I then to reside among thee? Be Holy for I AM Holy. Without Holiness no man shall see me ( the LORD) You remain blind. You remain Unmoved. You see not as I see. I see you as a fully fallen, defiled and a most wicked nation whom knows not the living GOD. You look and sound nothing like me. As a man struck upside his head and walks staggering in bewilderment…

That is You America before me!!!! I weep in my sorrow and anger that you have REJECTED me and blindly walk on like all is the same. Where is this promise of his coming? All things are the same. You are DECEIVED. Everything has changed. Few are they whom have sought wisdom. Few are they whom can see. My pain is poured on America. Fire of destruction and refining. So many are lost in the world wide web. The beast system has blinded many. Ensnared. Lovers of self. Do you really know me? I say to you…

Many would not recognize me if I stood before them and spoke before them. The same ones whom profess my name with their lips are the same whom drive the nails through my hands. Oh generation!!!! Oh nation of America. You have REJECTED me and took my most precious fruit and for that I will repay. I came in unannounced and before thee I stood without recognization and was cast out. WHAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? I WAS REJECTED. I AM sad that so many do not know me. I delight to show mercy to a fallen generation.

I will avenge. Justice. Recompense. Not years. Not years. Now. The hour is now. It has come to pass. I AM REVELATION. I AM ALL. How my heart is pained that I was not received in America. You trampled me underfoot and proclaim falsely I have blessed you. No America. I have not blessed you. You are to burn. Even now you burn in sin and the ways of man. A greater fire has been lit and will explode in full measure upon a nation that has rejected me. Destruction. Destruction. Destruction. Through the door. I have warned. Warned. Your nation is full of sin. REPENT.

Return to me. Very few came. Oh the sorrow of my heart. My blood was not shed in vain. I will reap my harvest. I will eat and be satisfied. I will have a people, Holy unto myself. Restored garden. Life. GLORY. Keep watch. Look up. Behold I come quickly. America has REJECTED me. You have caused me much sorrow oh nation. Few are they whom have UNDERSTANDING of what is written. You will see me as I truly am. Destroyed, Slain unto Resurrection. The hour of fire. Captivity. Slaughter. Have I not warned thee? With much folly you walk on. My kingdom is not of this world. All things new.

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