Oh Brazen Man Shall Ye Kneel – Holy Nation: Kim Chadwell

Oh Brazen Man Shall Ye Kneel

7/19/19 2:58AM
Holy Nation: Kim Chadwell


Auto Transcript:

hi this is Kim Chadwell and I am live
from a hotel room and I am intentionally
not showing my face as I want the power
of this word to be heard fully and
completely if for some reason there is
an interruption and something should
happen here in this room
I will rerecord this and put it out in
within the day or a day and a half Oh
brazen man oh how you shall kneel 258
a.m. brazen man who do you say that I am
brazen man who do you say that I am many
claim to know me but have not even
removed their shoes as they approach
when you see my burning fire do you
remove your shoes oh brazen man you have
claimed to have heard my voice yet you
haven’t even climbed to the cleft of the
rock and hidden in the cleft out of fear
of me brazen man you shall stand in my
presence and you have not thought to
remove your shoes
brazen man you have shouted my name and
not run and not gone and told and you
have said you have been with me is there
a veil over your face even the cleft of
the rock and the fire in the bush all
know to shout holy as they are near me
yet you remove not your shoes or hide in
the shadow of my hand in reverence to I
am man has become brazen and his
approach to me man has become brazen in
his in his worship of me man has become
brazen in his words can you oh man calm
the waves of the mighty sea can you oh
man call upon the wind to appear can you
oh man clap your hands and the Stars
reply here are we
brazen man claims my power yet does not
even remove his shoes brazen man claims
my power and cannot calm the sea or call
a single star brazen man you have chosen
your own path you have left the hedge I
placed around you and left to the shadow
of my wings you move and toil and fuse
stay close to my dwelling few know that
even the rocks shall fall when close to
me the cleft in the rock is found by
those who seek me the shadow of my wings
is for those who know to remove their
shoes my dwelling is for those who know
who I am
brazen man my voice called to you did
you hear me brazen man I waited for you
to approach with removed shoes yet you
did not come instead you walked to my
door puffed up and did not know that you
were speaking to a closed door even fire
knows to say holy as I am near even the
cleft knows to bow in shadow as I pass
by yet brazen man says I am here when
standing before me
brazen man where is your knowledge
brazen man where is your strength
brazen man where is the axe of the
ironsmith formed and made shaped to give
you strength for the day of battle do
you have the strength to fight me you
stand puffed before me you stand too
brazen before me you you church chants
your songs that only arrived at my
unopened door
only Holi comes to me only Holi arrives
to me only holi hears me only removed
shoes are closed to me
brazen man you were given tools by me to
build and grow your life but you have
killed and destroyed with them brazen
man you were given the path to me but
you have run down the wide path of evil
and destruction brazen man I gave you my
son for his blood to cover you but you
have not revered him you make clothing
with his name written and you dance and
chat and laugh and a joke and play with
his blood covering of my son brazen man
you shall now know who I am
I am in the fire you shall see I am in
the wind you shall see I am in the blood
you shall now see your eyes will not be
dim from your darken dreams
your eyes will see in the light what I
do to a braze a man who has ignored my
calls and ignored what is wholly brazen
man you shall shout holy as you see my
great power no longer shall I be the
gentle whisper I shall shout to the deaf
ears of man my throne is holy my word is
holy my earth was holy until you defiled
the very wind that gives you air the
ground is defiled the air is defiled the
water is defiled the temple of your
bodies are so defiled I cannot know
cannot can no longer even look upon you
you have even stooped to cut within your
own bodies and removed the holy life
within you brazen man break before me
brazen man clap your hand over your
mouth before you utter puffed-up words
brazen man destroy your dwellings before
I reach you destroy your pagan lives and
run to my shadow and beg to be in my
dwelling before my day arrives I will
the puffs to chest the haughty eyes the
brazen voice approached me with removed
shoes approached me with broken and
contrite heart and a broken spirit
approached me not with shirts with my
son’s name but with his blood covering
you I am holy I am holy I am holy the
rocks speak in your place praising man
my creation speaks of the Creator and
Replace of you as you go about your day
I shall clap my hands and oh show you
then search for the cleft in the rock
I shall shout my voice and oh she’ll you
run as the rocks move I shall stand and
shake the earth oh I shall stand and oh
she’ll you run from my fire Oh show you
stare at the blood and the axe of your
God you shall scream what you should
have whispered from the closet you shall
beg to be covered from what you should
have revered the false shall run in
circles as a man man madman the false
shall shake shake violently as a man
with palsy the false shall have no words
as a man vent born mute
oh then brazen man show your evil be
exposed your shouting your dancing your
puffed chest and your evil coins show
melt as wax run now to my throne run now
to my son run now to the cleansing water
shout wail and weep now approach with
removed shoes approach with the covering
of my son’s blood the cleansing water
and the wind of my holy spirit and they
shall cover you I will wrap you in my
arms and receive those who approach me
now in brokenness and repentance and
full knowledge of holiness for I am holy
for soon I shall send the wind
the blood and the water to cleanse this
earth prepare now oh man for I have
spoken he who has ears let him hear


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