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Oh Babylon, Oh Babylon, In One Hour She Will Be Put to Rest – LynL

Oh Babylon, Oh Babylon, In One Hour She Will Be Put to Rest

July 6, 2024 11:12 AM


As our freedoms die a slow death, I am reminded that you are with me at all times. I follow in your shadow. For the country I once knew, it is only a shell of what it used to be. Once glorious in, “God We Trust.”

I watch as she becomes disassembled piece by piece from within her walls. She only resembles a shell of her former glory. Her freedoms are being taken away, each and every day.

She dies to herself, a death unbecoming to her. For her glory that flew and flapped in the wind represented who we were. Now the stars and stripes are faded, almost non-existent, for she’s nothing of her former glory. “God bless America” is her former cry; now she is only a shadow of herself.

No longer strong, like she was, she folds herself ceremonially like a dying memento a wife receives upon a soldier’s death.

Will she ever be strong again, will she ever fly high in the sky once again? I wait to see what Revelation has for me. It is hard to see where, and if, she ends. What did she really mean to me?

Did I respect her and follow the rules that were inherently implied, as she flew? If not, am I also responsible for her death?

“Long Live America,” I hear in the background, as I take my place. Oh Babylon, oh Babylon, in one hour she will be put to rest.

Revelation 18:10
10 Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.


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