Oh America! – Danielle351982

By Danielle351982

October 10, 2017
Oh America!

America for I have blessed you I stood with you I kept you safe. I nourished you for many years in and out. No battle has been lost for I stood with you, I fed you when you hungered, I gave you drink when you thirst, I healed wounds among the states and cities. The broken came to life, the poor became rich and the rich became poor. You sacrificed for my namesake, you obeyed and the law you chose and stood for the law among any other. Perverse nation full of disbelief and Hate. Oh how your hearts have hardened and you have been totally blinded against what is to come. You believe science and evolution, HA you have been mistaken believe such a lie here on Earth. Woe to you America watch and see what is in store for thee. For thy am and thy will… your cup has run low and is Near about empty and dried up your green grass is almost dead your garden is almost withered. I come to judge you. Repent and turn away you and immoral beasts. You lust at life here on this Earth you believe the knowledge of this world. For knowledge is the sin and Abomination of this generation. For Sodom has nothing for what is to come for you will wish you were Gomorrah. I have hardly any Mercy left for this cup of abomination. The cup is just about full to the top you lie, you steal, you marry several, you curse you have no respect, and you commit murder, adultery and you deny me., you evil you lack any love you lack any good There Will and shall be no saving you now. You don’t believe as I give all the signs in front of you and you say things just happen. Oh science is crazy! I control the earth, I speak life into it, I tell the Seas where to stop and the moon and stars where to go. My stars on Earth keep your head clear. Stay sober, know my power lies in you for you will tread on serpents, you have the power among you to do what needs to be done. Steadfast stay strong for you will bring many dead to light. Those who are sick who need a physician cast that away and let them be made well. Lead them, guide them, minister to them.

I see and hear all what is being said. I know what’s going on in the churches. The great falling away is in progress women will rule Nations and children will run wild. There lacks a rod in this generation their lacks honor in this generation. This generation has grown cold and wicked and there is no fixing the hearts. I say repent and turn away you perverse, unlawful Wicked generation. for you honor and love no one, you lust and have strife and OH, YOUR IMMORAL WAYS. For you are the unjust and uncircumcised of this Earth. You evolve! You think you will find the Atom of life. Certainly not! I breathe life into Atom it rest in him not in space. I hold the key to Atom and he was created by the Lord God Almighty. Keep seeking to find what you desire and you will receive what you deserve. You’re playing with fire. I will blow your existence out with one breath but you seek to see I will give you something to see scorpions, death and sting. Oh you serpent, OH you devil watch this war you bring be destroyed and overcome by the blood. I will slain your evil ways and I will reign forever and ever more. Children, house of the Lord, Church and saints for the Lord has spoken watch and see.


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