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October- Total Collapse – Anonymous

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October- Total Collapse

June 7, 2021 7:16 PM

Dear all,I have a message to share with you received June 3,2021.

I was riding my motorcycle at sunset on beautiful roads in New Hampshire.

As I swayed left and right down wooded lanes I became deeply entranced. In college, my friends and I termed this this sensation “motor-stoned.” Pejorative and sophomoric allusion aside, this term connoted a a deep sense of relaxation – that is, a nearly meditative state.

So, on this recent evening, as the sun’s radiance shed it’s orange-pink hues behind the silhouettes of mountains, I heard a whisper. it said,”October- Total collapse.”

I took the message in and pondered on it. Intellectually I have been predicting a false-flag catastrophe based upon an algorithm I’ve created called, “The Desperation Curve.” This exponential curve suggests that the greater the threat to those who wish to destroy the world and its people, the greater the act of desperation they will launch to distract and cripple the populous in order to preserve their interests. Over the past 2.5 years since imagining this model, it has been largely accurate in predicting both the degree AND timing of the event with startling accuracy. Based upon this analysis I had predicted that a very large, man made event would be initiated between July and September in order to cover up the emerging evidence of election fraud and the implosion of the Gates-Fauci plandemic.

But this is only an intellectual model. I have always trusted in and prayed upon the whispers which are imparted to me. And this one, I do believe, rings true.

God bless you. I love you all.

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