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June 30, 2020
Averine Pennington

Dream received by Averine Pennington, 6/30/20

I awoke early this morning a little after 6:00am from a very disturbing dream:

I was inside my house which is located in the country, but less than fifty miles from Houston. My dog started barking frantically, so much so that I looked outside to see what she was barking at. I was hearing lots of noise and hubbub also, like the sound of vehicles and lots of people talking. I thought maybe my neighbor across the street was having a party or something. So, I went into the living room to get a better look out of the window on that side of the house.

And what do my wondering eyes behold? A horde of people and they were everywhere! There must have been at least 75 to 100 . . . I did not bother to stop and count! Several vehicles were already parked on my one-acre field with more arriving by the minute. They had begun to set up tents in random places across the field and were even spilling onto the road coming into the property.

My mind was not even thinking logically at that moment. You see, back in April I had advertised that I was holding a Solemn Assembly on my property with everyone welcome to come and pray for our nation. That event has long past, but I still have a huge white sign on the front side of the field which reads “Pray for Our Nation” in bold red and blue lettering. My first thought was that this was something God may have orchestrated! As if perhaps they may be gathering to pray again and planned to stay a while. Like a fool I left my dog shut up in the house and I went outside to speak with them to find out what was going on. The first thing that caught my eye was a man digging a latrine in, of all places, the middle of the road! Now, in real life that road is paved, but in the dream it was a dirt road. Seeing that happening sort of alerted me that this group was not sent from God and that something was very wrong here. There was so much commotion going on that I had to yell to get anyone’s attention. The woman closest to me said, “We as American citizens are exercising our rights to live anywhere we want. This is the spot we are choosing.” I told her that this land was private property and they could not just come onto it and take over like that. Another person spoke up and said, “Haven’t you heard? There is no such thing as private property anymore! Anybody can live anywhere they so choose.” I told them that they had to leave and if they didn’t I was going to call the Sheriff. They just laughed at me. I stormed off back toward the house as I was starting to feel uneasy for my safety.

Big problem! I forgot to lock my house behind me. When I went inside, there was probably a dozen or so people who were occupying my house. They had made themselves at home eating my food, digging around in the kitchen cabinets looking for stuff and one had even turned on the TV and was enjoying himself in my recliner. I was a woman alone as my husband was at work. I truly did not know what to do. I tried to act nonchalant and told them if they were hungry, they were welcome to find something to eat and could get themselves water to drink but then they must leave my house. Again, they just laughed at me! I knew in my heart they had no intention of ever leaving. I looked on the little table where the phone is kept, but it was no longer there. So much for calling for backup. I was on my own. I was trying to ease myself toward the bedroom where our guns were kept, wondering if I even knew how to load the thing. As I walked down the hallway, I remember wishing I had taken my husband’s advice to learn more about guns so I could better defend myself. I suddenly realized my beloved dog was no where in sight and there was no barking to be heard. My heart sank . . . I knew what they must have done with her. Thank God, I woke up from this terrible dream.

As I came back to reality, I realized my husband had not yet left for work. He was in the middle of his shower, but I was so distraught I barged into the bathroom to tell him my dream. He just said I had been watching too much of the stuff going on in the news. I very seldom even turn the TV on! Yes, I know about the autonomous zones where lawless people are taking over in the cities to the point that police will not enter. I do try to stay informed on current events especially as they relate to end-time prophecy being fulfilled. But I truly don’t think that is why I had this dream. I am convinced that the Lord has just given me a glimpse of what is coming to Rural America. We are not immune to the lawlessness that is spreading like wildfire. Don’t assume that you can escape what is coming by heading for the hills. Satan has been given his time to reign and his evil, wicked agenda will be carried out. It is unavoidable! Get ready for what is coming! The Word that has come forth in recent weeks and days has been . . . BRACE YOURSELVES! I have heard this just in the last week or so from no less than six different prophets of the Lord. When God starts repeating Himself, we better take notice! Do not fear. God has this! And if you are His child, whatever He brings you to . . . He will see you through!


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    Your husband sounds like my son when I have a dream. 😂 all non chalant he’ll say, you been watching too many doom n gloom prophecies on YT or your mind on this stuff constantly so of course you gonna dream about it. Lol. Oh, if they only knew what’s coming!



  3. J blank

    This reminds me of a movie i recently tried 2 watch,but skipped through called had major communist pro pagan da.

  4. Nan

    That sounds terrifying, but I think that in a way you could take this as a chance to evangelize to the people and tell them about Jesus Christ and perhaps save them by getting them to repent of their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

  5. Averine Pennington

    Thanks to all for your comments. Toyah, sounds like we are in the same boat. My hubby will not even read the messages/dreams/visions that I receive from the Lord, much less from others. Alonda, sounds like you will be within driving distance of me once you make your move, probably around 30 miles or so. Feel free to look me up when you get settled. You can private msg. me on FB or my e-mail is J. blank, I am not familiar with that movie, but I have been reflecting on other movies I have seen in the past, It is amazing to realize how much TPTB have been feeding us predictive programming for a very long time.

    I would like to add a HEADS UP about this dream. I confess, I am fairly ignorant when it comes to what is going on in world politics. Just out of curiosity I researched on the internet the mission goals of the UN Agenda 21/2030. I was in shock! If you just glance at the list, I think about #6 or so is “The end of National Sovereignty.” The very next thing on the list is “The end of ALL privately owned property!”

    I am ashamed that I have buried my head in the sand so long and have not even realized how far along TPTB are in the implementation of their NEW World Order. I am appalled that any leader of the USA would have signed their name to such a document! It is beyond logic! It is total insanity. America has truly already fallen . . . we are just waiting to hear the ‘thud’ when it hits the ground. Perhaps SepTIMBER!


  6. Barbara

    Averine, what is TPTB?

  7. Averine Pennington


    Sorry for my abbreviation. TPTB is a short form of ‘The Powers That Be” and usually refers to the Deep State (in the USA) or those globally who are actually initiating the New World Order. In my opinion, it is all those who are working under the influence of Satan to bring about the demise of mankind. It is the ‘swamp creatures’ who are the minions of Lucifer and carry out his orders in his last-ditch attempt to usurp the throne of the Most High God. They are the ENEMY because they work against the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Satan will be given his allotted time on earth, but we know who wins in the end. Victory in Jesus!


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