Oblivious – Victoria Ang


April 22, 2020
Victoria Ang


I found myself beside a very dark forest that I knew I had to enter to help people that were in the forest and lost their way. As I entered the forest everything was pitch black but I could still see. As there was a supernatural light guiding me. I went deep into the forest where I found a group of unknown people.

These people were standing in the dark but they were complaining and defiant about their circumstances. Some were almost oblivious as to the severity of their situation. One man started giving me a hard time telling me he knew the way better, and the way I pointed we must leave was not the correct way. So I picked him up and flung him over my shoulders to carry him. As he was truly headed in the wrong direction which was very dangerous.

I told the rest of the people to follow and I would help get them to a safe place. I took them to a campground where we were to wait for the next instructions. I was made known there were several other groups in this dark forest that I needed to help so I went back into the forest alone and left the others with instructions to stay waiting at the campground. And were to wait on the next plan of action. The dream ended

Interpretation :

The enemy has deceived many in various ways and they truly cannot see Gods truth. They have lost their way in confusion and falling prey to the enemies lies. Their hearts are not evil but deceived and have fallen into traps set forth by the enemy. Some are oblivious that they have even fallen into the enemies traps. In Gods great mercy and love he can use those that have been trained to help lead them back to Gods path. And bring them to a place of safety so God can continue to guide them in his ways………

We serve such an awesome loving God ! ❤️ ALL GLORY AND HONOR TO OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST!


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