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Obama’s upside down cross and media deception – Leah Wheatley

Obama’s upside down cross and media deception

Jul 17, 2019, 9:13 PM
Leah Wheatley

Had a dream of Obama in the fall of 2012. I was in a very liberal college phase and had nothing against him at that time.

In the dream I was staring at a large TV. At first I saw a local news anchor that I had watched on TV my whole life. She was always loved by everyone in the metroplex, but as I watched her talk I had the knowledge that she wasn’t telling the truth, but she didn’t know she was speaking lies. There was no sound in the dream so I don’t know what she was saying. There was also a white, upside down cross on the bottom right of the TV screen.

Then Obama’s face took over the screen, with the upside cross still there. I watched his face warp into a twisted demonic face with a crooked smile. Again no sound, but knew that he was evil and speaking great evil. Like the news anchor, he was deceived and had no idea of the evil he was speaking.

End dream


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