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Obama: “The Rat King” – Lady Aribeth

Obama: “The Rat King”

Nov 22, 2019, 10:50 AM
Lady Aribeth
Why am I bring this up? I had a dream this morning about Obama. (Nov 22 2019.) He has had many dealings with the world leaders. Some dealings were
not positive in results like with Israel’s PM. In the dream he was everywhere with world leaders and the UN. Many agendas at present. In the dream he
was called ‘the rat king’!
I do know that he went to berlin to the ‘throne of satan’ which used to be in pergamon but now in germany.
Why he was called ‘the rat king’ ??? I don’t know and I found it very weird infact. If I remember the dream right, kinda hazy now. He also has some small rats along side him too in a group. Please take this up with G_d for discernment. I usually don’t dream about famous people. Mostly teaching dreams or warnings.
I put all the news articles I could find about obama and his dealings with world leaders and his association with the ‘throne of satan’ visits in germany.
See PDF  for New Articles mentioned above

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  1. TrinidadWarrior777

    After reading Ruth’s story “The Rat in the Pantry!
    This had to be shared together!

  2. Robert E

    I thought of the rat king from the Nutcracker and googled rat king. Here is what Wikipedia has to say.

    A rat king is a collection of rats whose tails are intertwined and bound together by one of several possible mechanisms, such as entangling material like hair or sticky substances like sap or gum or getting tied together. Historically, this alleged phenomenon is particularly associated with Germany. There are several specimens preserved in museums but very few instances of rat kings have been observed in modern times.

    The original German term, Rattenkönig, was calqued into English as rat king, and into French as roi des rats. The term was not originally used in reference to actual rats, but for persons who lived off others. Conrad Gesner in Historia animalium (1551–58) stated: “Some would have it that the rat waxes mighty in its old age and is fed by its young: this is called the rat king.” Martin Luther stated: “finally, there is the Pope, the king of rats right at the top.” Later, the term referred to a king sitting on a throne of knotted tails.

    Historically, the rat king was viewed as a bad omen, most likely due to rats being considered carriers for diseases such as the plague.

  3. Alida

    Agreed, TrinidadWarrior777, my first thought too!!
    Pied Piper & Rat King is synonymous here.

  4. Ruth

    Ali Winters just mentioned the pied piper in America is dying!

  5. trisha

    Robert E. Wow. I never knew that! Thanks for the info. I agree with the others too that somehow it links to the other 2 prophecies given about ‘rat’s in the pantry’ and others like …’the
    pied piper ones’ too!

    ‘Christians Will Be Like Rats’ Part One (WARNING DREAM) – Witness For Yeshua Mashiach
    2019/11/11 — 1 Comment

    Rats In the Church – Prosperous Pamela

  6. Susan Elizabeth

    Yes, he will head up the UN.

    Spirit of God spoke this not to me but through me to someone else in 2012.

    Then in 2014/2015 I had open visions of different things including the separation of the Bride of Christ from the rest of the church that had now formed into a mass that included but the world and all other religions except ISIS.

    During that time I had open visions of Obama in various settings including at the top of the Tower of Babel,

    and then as the head of the UN leading the persecution of the apostasized church/world/otherreligions against the true church who had been grouped in with ISIS as a war on all “extremism destroying the world,”

    And finally signing some sort of treaty or making some important agreement or important meeting with Israel’s PM.

    Anyway… wanted to share.


    Praying for mercy that we can have until the end of Trump’s second term to train and prepare and get everyone that is finally awake into position.

    Much Sisterly Love,


  7. cb

    2020 is the Year of the Rat according to Chinese zodiac. This is a Year of Metal Rat, starting from the 2020 Chinese New Year on Jan. 25 and lasting to 2021 Lunar New Year’s Eve on Feb. 11.

  8. Diana

    You should read the graphical novel, Maus, a true story by Art Spiegelman. This will give you some insight. How intriguing that this word was received during the time I was reading and writing an analytical research paper on Maus!

  9. Donna Brant

    I confirm the rat King from a dream I had about 5 years ago… Obama was in what seemed like a corner of a dark Subway and slowly he started morphing into a human-sized demonic rat that looks just like the one in the picture above

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