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Obama the AntiChrist – Christiena Boshoff

Dream Warning Obama the AntiChrist

June 24, 2019
Christiena Boshoff

I was warning people again that Obama is the AntiChrist. He is a Muslim, the Mahdi of the Muslims and he has a large army and he is the leader of the New World Order also. He has deceived many already because he pretends to be who he is not. They must not let him deceive them also. He is a liar and his father is satan, the father of all lies, the deceiver and destroyer. He will come back at the Appointed Time. They must be watchful and praying.

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  1. Catherine

    The Antichrist will be accepted by the jewish people as the Messiah. How can Israelis accept a muslim as Messiah? I see more the royal families in Europe as candidates with the jewish roots.
    In Daniel it is written: He (Antichrist) will not worship the God of his fathers….as I know this is something that speaks about the Israelis.
    The Gods of the Elite is not Allah but the Babylonian, egyptian, greek Gods. In almost every city is an Obelisk, the God ISIS from Egypt.

  2. Whitney Eslick Manuel

    I have seen Obama, too, in a dream with evil red eyes. He was in an underground military/governmental type bunker where they were dividing the United States up into about 10 districts. In the dream, he was trying to figure out if I was a Christian so he could kill me. For this and many other reasons, I believe he is the antichrist.

  3. Rita

    Obama Morphing Into A Beast, Dreams and Confirmations


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