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Obama shall rise and take his place – Krystal Beall

Krystal Beall

December 31, 2018

I am sick of the filthiness…the unrepented sin in the Earth and the glory of men therefore it shall be a most Bitter End. Obama shall rise and take his place…. the veil removed revealing his face..the wound he receives bleeds deadly blood.. his resurrection and rise to power… his dictatorship… as he said he is “god” and shall be exalted among the Nations…. Satan is loosed and bound no more the hour of desolation & Great Tribulation is through the door …Twisted choked and broken the mold a complete and total shutdown you see for satan is the prince of darkness..and in darkness rules does he… no light is found ..great is his void just distress and bitter .. weeping… wailing and gnashing of teeth oh the horror.. when unveiling the Beast…. the stage therefore set and all is in place the Red Wedding commences and Babylon is stripped of all her defenses all hell is Unleashed as Hornets attack there is no relenting no turning back…Calamity and woes.. and many a foes I lift my hand from this whorish nation in which sin is a joyous celebration I am mocked and sneered laughed and jeered you ..man want the Beast it is so then I Jesus Christ shall grant you thy will..It is such a bitter pill…. Satan unleashed from the bottomless pit …going out Satan comes to sit on his throne …He shall rule all the earth for this is thy hour when darkness Reigns… sitting high and proud on top of his hill… Mankind will see how evil and quill is the beast they worshiped and made their king… He will strike his subjects with a venomous sting… they will not like the way in which he rules for my spirit is removed… revoked and found not within…the spirit of .. mercy.. comfort and grace has returned home to her proper dwelling place.. bitter anguished tears stream down mens faces… oppression Will Rule with an iron scepter…heavy the yoke that shall adorn their necks…As my righteous Job had cried better it for me I wasnt alive..curse the day I was brought forth from my mothers womb..
Many will seek death…but from them it shall flee….it will be a time of hellish regret… no light to travel down the path only darkness … Briars.. thorns and thistles the dark angel knocks down every door with a whistle…hate and violence shall rule the land a sorrowful time for man to withstand …you disgust and anger me America I hate the abomination that you have become that is true…I find filth ..sorrow and receive severe wounds of grievous afflictions due to you.. You will burn all the way through to your rotten core …America should never have slammed the door in my face. from the past..you failed to learn…No man knows my bitter cries from watching Obama hailed as a prize…Right from the start He sprayed the whole nation and led them astray… I watched as many bowed to his every decreeing decay… a whole nation bowed down in admoriation lifting you so high… How many turned away and ignored my most mournful cries I saw the fall and desecration of a whole nation once again… city of the Abomination…man of perdition..perversion and sin. Causing me Christ such anguish…sorrow and grief few sought to give me relief…Now appointed to you is a ruler commander and chief over the flock he shall rule.. and with the sword from Hell shall he Slaughter laying waste to the nation of abominable taste .. go now and rise… sit on your throne .. placed in your hands one hour as is.. great power and might to rule over man…with dictatorship you rule all the lands…the beast system it is so…all marked who worship his image…that is man…flesh..and worldliy affairs…I leave you to your ways defiant cares..rejection of me has cost you greatly…I begged…pleaded and cried..repent come back to your first love…see I come to you as a dove…get away you violently screamed and shoved…evil in your sight I was deemed…the one who died and took your place ..bearing the sin of the whole human race. ..instead of kisses of love and of adoration.. you kissed me with Judas lips of disassociation and betrayal….wanting it so..I God AM NOT mocked a man shall reap what he sows…BEHOLD I COME QUICKLY MY REWARDS ARE WITH ME…BLESSED ARE THEY WHO ARE CALLED UP TO THE WEDDING BANQUET OF THE LAMB.


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