Dream, Obama

Obama; Locusts – Liz Lau


Obama; Locusts

February 23, 2022 5:07 PM
Liz Lau

I received the first Obama dream probably sometime between 2018 and early 2020.

I had read of him being the AC and so I prayed for confirmation. This is what I got:

“Here comes Obama, forerunner of”

To this day I haven’t received the rest of the sentence.

I have another dream about him. I can’t find the journal and this is what I remember. In the dream I was desperately trying to escape by ship. I arrived at the waiting area and found that many people were already there. I knew they were waiting for the same ship and for the same reason.

After a long wait I looked and found that the ship had been there all along! I thought people would get up when it arrived and so I didn’t check it myself earlier, but turned out they were content to stay in the waiting room! I was thankful the ship was still there. I waited for a brief moment to see if anyone would follow me. No one did, and so I ran to the ship, and it set sail right after I boarded!

I was very relieved we were finally away from the land, but after a while two ships blocked us and forced us to turn back. Obama and his people had now boarded the ship, and he nonchalently included me in his team as if I had always been part of it. His people didn’t do anything to me, but I knew they would if I tried to leave. Later I managed to hide myself and wait.


In this dream I saw locusts flying by and said this confirmed it. I don’t know what it confirmed, but think it might have to do with the forerunner dream.


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