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Obama is getting ready to come back on the scene, Trump will be overthrown – Angela Heidebrecht

Angela Heidebrecht

September 1, 2018

While praying I heard these words.
Obama is getting ready to come back on the scene. He will be welcome with open arms.He will finish what he started destruction of America. They have been planning this for a long time.He has been behind the scene pulling the strings the whole time.
Trump time here was only just for a short while. Trump will be overthrown.

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  1. I made a true comment about this last President. A huge picture came on of a Monkey and it said, “Ugly Monkey did not like that” and they crashed my computer and eliminated the e-mail I was using under You Tube, that Day. I never wanted to vote for this person. All I can say about him is, “ye are of your Father The Devil”. America will receive what they deserve. Shows the people never had control over anything. But the Governments have always been owned by satan. I Pray Lord please don’t let me be here one second when he is back in power. I am looking forward to the Day, he will bow before the Bride of Christ and The King of Kings will say, You insulted my Wife. …stay tuned

    • Marissa

      It is really in God’s hands now, in prayer the enemy is powerless. But it is disheartening that even Christians are so divided with Trump, don’t they even realized what will happen if we loose our standing, our voice. Trump is the only the one that cares about Christianity.

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