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Obama in Underground Military Facility – Whitney Eslick Manuel

Obama in Underground Military Facility

Jun 17, 2019, 5:34 PM
Whitney Eslick Manuel


I had this dream around 2010.

I seemed to be in an underground military facility/ command center of sorts. I saw no windows anywhere, which led me to believe this was likely underground. I had just walked into a room that was about 30 feet by 15 feet. Comprising most (about 3/4ths) of the room, on the left hand side, were floor to ceiling computers with lots of screens, military style monitors, buttons, small levers, etc. All of this technology was on the far wall opposite me, the small left side wall, and the wall to my side and behind me where I stood. In the center of the left portion of the room, the one that looked like some sort of an emergency command center, was a large wooden table with no chairs.

Spread out on the middle of this large rectangular table was a map of America, but the state lines had been drawn over and the US looked to be divided into about 10 large color coated sections. I only glanced at this, so I can’t give any more information. Ahead of me was a opening into another room, a sunken room about 4-6 inches lower than the room I was in. That room housed one of the most impressive and beautiful conference tables I have ever seen. It was large and round and had very expensive and beautiful ivory cushioned chairs around it. The floor of that room was the same as the one I was in, very nice medium toned brownish-red wood floors. The entire place was the best money could buy, it was obvious. All except the table in the tech center on which was the map of America- that table was rather plain.

Anyway, Obama came from in from the sunken conference room area and smiled at me with his classic, charming big toothed grin. Although he was about 13 or so feet from me, my vision zeroed in on his eyes, specifically his irises. His eyes are dark brown in real life, but in the dream they were red and evil! And not just plain red; it was as if I was looking through binoculars at his eyes. The colored part of his eyes, the irises, were red and pixelated in multiple shades of red. You know how TV and computer screens have pixels? When these images are blown up, you can see the individual pixels that made up the image. I saw Obama’s eyes in this form, scores of tiny pixels, all sorts of red shades, made up each of his irises and I could sense and feel great evil in his eyes.

Now in the dream, he didn’t know that I could see through him, but I knew he was trying to figure it out. I also knew in the dream that if he discovered I was a Christian, he would kill me. So as soon as he flashed me his fake oily smile, I smiled as if I was excited to see him. He couldn’t tell if I was faking or not. He invited me to sit on the right hand side of the room, the side opposite the command center. This side comprised about 1/4th of the first room, the only room I had been in. On this right hand side was a very nice bulky presidential desk with a chair on each side. He sat behind the desk and motioned for me to sit on the other side. I did. The whole time we talked, I knew he was still trying to figure me out and that I was in great danger if he did, so I played dumb like a school girl, acting happy and bubbly. He never could figure out the truth because he had no discernment. The dream ended, but I couldn’t get the evilness of his eyes out of my mind.


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