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November 22, 2020 12:29 AM

The Vibrancy Of Joy Received On 22nd November 2020

(Somewhere Up ln The Sky
By The Heavenly Way.
Some Angels Were Singing
A Song Of Praise To The God ALMIGHTY)

They Let Me Listen ln
For l Do Love To Play Psalm Of Praise s
To Our Living God.

The Joy Began As A Song Of One Angel,
And The Angel Began Singing:-

(In Hebrew)

“Adonai, Adoneinu,
Ma adir Shimcha B’chol
ha’aretz Asher tana hodcha
al ha shmayim.

In English

O’Lord, Our God,
How Majestic Is Your Name
In All The Earth,
(You) Who Have Set Your Glory
Above The Heavens.
(Alluding To Psalm 8:1)

Then Some Other Angels Join ln

(In Hebrew)

Ki tov zamra Eloheinu.
Ki naim navah tehila.

Gadol Adonia V’ra Ko’ach.
Litvunato-ain mispar.

(In English)

Hallelu YAH!

How Good It ls To Sing Praises To Our God.
How Pleasant And Fitting To Praise Him.

Hallelu YAH!

Great ls Our God And Of Great Power.
His Understanding ls lnfinite.
Alluding To Psalm 147:1-5

(The enthusiasm, The Gaiety, The Liveliness, The Jollity And Vibrancy Became Contagious
Many Others Join ln.
lt Became The Choirs Of Angels Singing.)

(In Hebrew)

Hodu La’ Adonia
Kiru, Kiru b’shmo
Zamru Lo
Ki l’olam Chasdo.
Hodu La’ Adonia
Shiru l’shem kodsho

Zamru Lo
Ki l’olam Chasdo.

Hallelu YAH!
Anu modim lecha.
Ki lecha zevach Toda.

(In English)

Give Thanks To The LORD.
Call upon His Name.
Sing To Him, For His Grace Endures Forever.
Give Thanks To The LORD

Sing To His Holy Name.
Sing To Him, For His Grace Endures Forever.

Hallelu YAH!
To You Belongs The Sacrifice Of Thanksgiving
(Alluding To Psalm 105:1-2 And Book Of Hebrew 13:15)


In The Back Ground A Voice Of Splendor
Spoke Saying:-

Ani ha t’chiya, v’ha Chaim
Kol ha ma’amim bi lo yamut
Ani ha t’chiya, v’ha chaim
Kol ha ma’amim bi Lo yamut
Ach yichiyei.

Ani ha lechem ha Chaim,
V’kol ha ba elai lo yir’av
V’lo yitsma od!

(In English)

I AM The Resurrection, And The Life
He Who Believes ln Me Will Not Die.
I AM The Bread Of Life, And Whoever
Comes To Me Will Not Hunger Nor Thirst Ever Again.

(The Voice Of The Splendor Continues)

Bou Elai v’ani ani’ach Lachem
Kol haamelim v’haamusim,
V’ani ani’ach lachem

Uli na’im v’kal masa’i.

(In English)

“Come To Me And I Will Give You Rest,
All You Who Labor And Are Heavy laden.

My Yoke ls Easy And My Burden ls Light.”


He End Up Saying

Haim lo nimkarot Chamesh tsipporim
Bishnei lsarim?

Gam achat mehen einah nishkachat
Milifnei Elohim.

Al T’fachadu
Y’Karim atem mitsiporim rabot

V’ulam Afilu sa’arot roshchem nimnu kulan.

(In English)

“Are Not Five Sparrows Sold For Two Pennies?
Yet None Of Them Is Forgotten By God

Don’t Be Afraid
You Are Worth More Than Many Sparrows.
Even The Hairs Of Your Heads Are Numbered.

(In Respond To Voice Of King Yeshua/Jesus

—-And The Angels Continued Singing—-

B’chol et nakriva
Zevach Toda le Elohim;
Nakriva derech Yeshua
Zevach Toda Le Elohim.

(In English)

At All Times We Offer Up A Sacrifice
Of Praise To God,

We Will Offer Offer Up, Through Yeshua,
A Sacrifice Of Praise To God.
(Alluding To Hebrew 13:15.)


As l Listen To The Angels Sing,
It Was Like An Award Winning Performance
In An Ensorcelled Moment.
As They Sing My Heart Sparkled.

It Was A Cappella
No Music
The Ephemeral Moments Seem Like Eternity.

What A Melody!
Those Angels Could Sing
Oh, They Could Sing


Their Voices ls A Fusion Between Enthusiasm And Vibrancy.

I Was Overcome By The Divine Melody.

I Could Feel The Living God Our Heavenly Father Glowing With Joy,
I Could Feel Him As
He Radiating ln His Beauty
Listening To The Melodious Song Of Praises From His Children.


Awaken Hearts, Prayers WARRIORS,

You, Prince And Princess Of The Living God
Do You Sing To Thank And Praise Our Heavenly Father?.

Do You Have Time To Sing Songs Of Praises
To Our Heavenly Father?
No Matter ln Any Language,
He Does Understand,
You Will Touch The Heart Of God.

You, The Prince And Princess Of God
Find The Time,
Spend Time Alone With Our Heavenly Father.
Sing And Praise Him.
He ls Waiting To Hear From You.



When You Come To Honor Our Father Each Day,

—–He Has Already Honor You.

When You Come Before His Presence Each Day,

—-You Will Enter Into The Presence Of His Love.

When You Humble Yourself In Prayer And REPENTANCE Before Him,

—His Grace Abounds Upon Your Lowly Head.

When You Stumble And Fall For Not Knowing,

— He Knows How To Teach You Compassionately.

When You Come Before His Presence
With Praises,

——Words Of Praise Are Exchanged Each Way.

When You Thank Him For All He Has Done,

—–He Smiles Saying Thank You, For Work Well Done.

When You Sing Songs Of Love To Him

—He Sings Words Of Love To You.

When ln Private You Worship Before Him,

—– The Angels Rejoices With You.



My Soul Will Rejoice In You O’LORD,
And l Will Delight ln Your Salvation;
Even My Bones Shall Say;
Who Is Like You O LORD.

You Are Gracious And Compassionate,
Slow To Anger And Rich In Love.

My Soul Has Found Refuge ln You
From That Which Is Stronger Than I.
I Will Declare Your Great Power
Who ls Like You O LORD.

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