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Nuts, Screws and Bolts and Duct Tape (Shedding Sin)

August 4, 2023 6:31 PM


Much of everything is held together with nuts screws, and bolts. If not these, then many will use duct tape. Unlike most things that can be fixed with these items, our soul is repaired and made anew when sin is evacuated from the body. Our flesh will accept sin, where as our soul cannot function properly when sin is introduced. We are delicate instruments that are fine-tuned with righteousness. We need to stay on the straight and narrow road if we are to make it to our ultimate destination

(Heaven). When we slip back into sin, we are living a lie, that the enemy perpetrates on our soul. Our secret sins are manipulated by the enemy to get into a deeper, blacker hole.

It is up to each of my children to know and conduct their behavior to be suited to move on, by the time they leave this realm.

Repentance, prayer and knowing my Word will bring you into right-ness (bright-ness). I Am will help with those who need assistance. Be with me daily and steer away from sins.


The noose around your neck has been provided by the enemy. He tightens the grip as you go thru life encountering the temptations he provides. Your noose is adjusted depending on if you start to realize you are doing wrong or not. With each sin added to your life, the noose becomes tighter. Each sin weighs you down with chains that bind you to your flesh.

Each of my children can escape the chains and noose that have kept them in bondage. They must make efforts to change their mindset, actions and directions they have taken in the past. All sin is of the enemy. All sins are not acceptable. All sin can be repented of and put into the past. This is why I died for you, so you could have this ability to be forgiven. Stop all that is not of me and receive your salvation.


When sin is present in your flesh it is like a covering that has the ability to be shed. This outer covering of darkness needs to become part of your past rather than present or future. This skin keeps you bound to the flesh. It keeps you adhering to the enemy’s characteristics rather than mine.

Make that conscious effort to rid yourself of the enemy. Do not go back to the darkness, lies and deceit that lace the sins you participate in. Repent of all wrong doings and leave the flesh behind.
My Kingdom will not co-mingle with darkness, so it is your job to rid yourself of all sins.

Repent, pray and know I Am will help in the process. The outer covering you leave behind will become your Salvation.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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